Chris Ngige: Buhari Is Afraid Of Breaching The Constitution

Nigeria’s Minister for Labour, Chris Ngige has said that President Muhammadu Buhari is very ‘afraid’ of breaching the Nigerian Constitution, POLITICS NIGERIA has learned.

Ngige, who appeared on Channels on Monday, stated that Nigerians want to ‘ride’ President Buhari to death because of the ‘latitude’ he gives them.

In his words; “There must be a limit to Politicking, If a government has done well, if a president has done well, you should give him accolades in the areas he has done well. Areas he has not done well, point them out and discuss.”

“This president is a democrat, this president is so afraid of breach of the constitution of any law, I’m even stronger than him in terms of that. He is so circumspect about what the law says”.

He continued further; “Even President Obasanjo can he give you this latitude? He will not. I know him”

“This President is now a willing horse and you people want to ride him to death, No!”.

Source:- Politics Nigeria

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