Lady Shares Chat With Her Cousin Who Wants To Have Sex With Her Before Helping Her

In what will come across as a really startling development, a South African lady took to Twitter to share screenshot of a chat between and her cousin who wants to have sex with her before helping her.

@Neilwejoy revealed that her cousin wanted to sleep with her before giving her the remaining part of her rent.

The screenshot came with the caption; My own cousin wants me to have s*x with him in return to help me with the remaining amount of rent? Wow

Serving an update on the incident, the Twitter user said her cousin’s mother called her and told her not to tell her father or anyone else. She added that her aunt said “she will sort it out”.

She tweeted;  my aunt called (his mom) saying i shouldn’t tell my dad or anyone else, of which i already did, saying she’ll sort it out (meaning she’ll sort out her son) i don’t know what must happen now, i don’t even know what she meant.

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