Egboh Ifeyinwa: Lady Embarrassed In A Restaurant By Boyfriend Reveals The Truth

A fast rising Nigeria Actress, Brand Influencer and Skit Developer, known as Egboh Ifeyinwa Kesiena, who was recently misunderstood in the course of her professional career engagements has cleared the air with regards to the misplaced informations trending across several online and social media platforms alleging that she was embarrassed and harassed.

In a recent Interview with our Correspondent, Lady Egboh Ifeyinwa Kesiena popularly known as Ifykess noted that the recent viral videos and news about the alleged public disgrace by her boyfriend who collected her engagement ring, hair and shoes was a skit which herself and crew Members were producing, though it looked so real and had been misinterpreted by news mongers who lacks the ability to critically Investigate situations before putting it out to the public.

She also made reference to the issue where she was disgraced as a side chick by the husband of the lady at Garki Market Abuja. Another scenerio was where her friend exposed her over a fetish involvement that she found her picture inside a calabash in her room While clearing the air on this particular issue, Egboh Ifeyinwa Kesiena noted that it was just a short movie, which was made up by crew to entertain the public, but was later displaced when it landed on the social media alleging that it was a reality, when it was just a mere short video.

Over the years, Egboh Ifeyinwa has continue to create and produce entertaining and intriguing video skits, designed to entertain, educate and inform the public on the ongoing challenges faced by Nigerians. The young and vibrant Nigerian Actress, Brand Influencer and Skit Developer has remained on a fast pace in career attainments in the entertainment industry.

In a background review on Egboh Ifeyinwa Kesiena, it was discovered that the upcoming talented actress hails from Nkanu-West local government area in Enugu state, Nigeria. She is the fourth child out of Mr Egboh Sunday and Mrs Margaret Unuagba. she however had her alma mater at Kefe Academy in Warri, and a secondary education at Our Lady’s Model High School, Warri. She went further to attend Delta State College of Physical Education Mosogar, where she obtained the Nigeria Certificate in Education, she got her first degree course at the Delta State University, Abraka from the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Education.

Source:- State Press

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