Woman Reveals Why She Turned Down A Marriage Proposal

A young lady took to Twitter to reveal why she rejected a marriage proposal.

The young lawyer, identified as Alexandria revealed that she was not financially ready to settle down when a young man proposed marriage to her.

Although the man was okay with her being a liability, the lady says her dad will not agree for her to be dependent on her husband, which was one of the reason why she refused to marry the man.

The lady said that the man stopped talking to her after she gave him her reason. However, she said she would love to be invited to the man’s wedding in the future.

Here’s what she said;

“I rejected a marriage proposal because I did not have a stable source of income and even though the young man was cool with me not having a job, I refuse to be broke and marry someone.

“My papa no go gree.

“Las las the man stopped talking to me. I pray he invited me to his wedding.”

Here’s her post:

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