I Thought I Would Die After 81-Day Detention, Torture – SARS Victim Tells His Story

“So, when you hear that my scrotum was damaged and that I was hanged and my hairs were pulled, it was to force me to admit what was not true.

“Apart from the torture, the 81 days of incarceration was something one would not want to remember. I was in the black cell of Awkuzu SARS for 81 days and it is a miracle that I am still breathing and my genital still performing because nobody stayed in Awkuzu SARS for that number of days and survived.

“They were hitting my scrotum to extract information from me by force. They even forced me to thumbprint on a statement I did not write. Imagine a near illiterate person (police) forcing a Ph.D. student to thumbprint a statement he did not generate.

“At the time they forced my finger on the paper, I was unconscious and they poured three buckets of water on me to revive me to enable them to use my thumbprint.

“This happened on the day of the arrest after they took us around many police stations in Onitsha in a black van and eventually arrived Awkuzu SARS around 3 pm and the torture began. We were in the torture hall till around 8 pm.

“We were eventually released after 81 days and the police said their hands were tied and that there was nothing else they could do than to wait for further instructions.

“At the end of the day, they manufactured a case and took us to court because there were pressures from human rights organisations, coupled with the fact that the government wanted a safe landing.”

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