Enugu: Hoodlums Hiding Under EndSARS Protests Kill Police Officers (Graphic Photos)

Unbelievable! So these heartless hoodlums who claimed to be #EndSARS protesters gruesomely murdered and burnt police officers beyond recognition in #EnuguState & nobody is talking about it…
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#EndSARS protests in Enugu: A message to biased social media character assasins!

Those who are running their mouths on social media, misleading the public, what do you have to say about these heart-rending pictures of Inspr. John Jesse Abba, (the Armourer) and PC Emmanuel……Ogboji, from the Enugu State Command of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) who were
gruesomely murdered and burnt beyond recognition at T-junction, Abakpa and Emene, in Enugu East Local Government Area of Enugu State, by these wicked hoodlums and criminals who paraded themselves..as #EndSARS protesters.

These barbaric miscreants were the same set of armed hoodlums that headed to Queens School Enugu on Saturday with the aim of forcefully gaining entrance into the school to rape and kidnap the female students staying in the school’s dormitories. Thank God…for the swift intervention of the security agencies.

The questions now begging for answers are these:

*Are police officers not human beings any longer?

*Why are these social media warriors who take delight at falsely accusing the government and misleading the gullible……public, not speaking out for those security personnel who were gruesomely murdered by armed hoodlums and criminals in Enugu State, in the name of #EndSARS protests?

*Why is it that none of those ranting on social media has come out to comdenm these henoius and dastardly…acts of violence, killings, lootings and wanton destruction of public and private property by these heartless elements in Enugu State disguising as #EndSARS protesters.

Please, let’s not play politics with everything because God Almighty is watching all of us.The truth shall also prevail!

-David Njoku
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