Car Belonging To Benue State Govt Agency Reportedly Put Up For Sale In Kano

According to a man identified as James Ornguga, a vehicle owned by the Benue State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency was discovered among vehicles put up for sale along Katsina road in Kano.

His Post Below;

“While I am still chopping my birthday chinchin, a friend who went to Kano to buy a car sent this picture to me”.

According to him, this vehicle, supposedly belonging to “Benue State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency, Makurdi was among vehicles on display for sale at this car stand along Katsina road in Kano.

He continued ;

“Whatever the reason may be, Benue and Kano are gradually developing a very healthy business relationship as evidenced in the indomie transaction under investigation.

I however, suspect the aboki that buys “iron condemn” from Benue to Kano. But if at any point this vehicle was missing in time past, authorities should check out somewhere in the North West state of Kano. N.B: My informant is ready to lead the way to the location”.

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