“You Liked Every Guy On The Show, You’re A Community Girl” – Tochi Slams Wathoni

BBNaija housemate, Tochi has slammed Wathoni during the reunion show, describing her as a community girl who was interested in all the guys in the house.

The real estate agent, whose full name is Tochukwu Okechukwu, used the description for Wathoni when the duo engaged in a heated war of words at the ongoing reunion for housemates that partook in the 2020 edition of the show.

The confrontation began when Wathoni alleged that Tochi made sexual advances at her because Kidwayya had told him that “she’s an easy catch”.

Tochi, however, fired back at her instantly, saying: “You are the community girl now because you saw yourself with every guy in the house.”

He claimed that the mother of one wasn’t in demand in the ‘Lockdown’ house as she had thought.

He also denied making advances at Wathoni, saying it was her who kept looking for a relationship in the house.

“If you feel you were hot, why didn’t anybody date you in the house? Every conversation in the house was really about a man for you,” he said.

“If you like someone and the person doesn’t like you back then you start going around, saying crazy things about the person.

“You literally liked every guy on the show; everybody. You want to see crazy? You’re telling me that I did not catch you? I never asked you out, so why are you going to come to a guy that never asked you out? I didn’t ask you out so why are you crying tears?”

BBNaija Reunion: Neo Had An Erection, Tried To Kiss Me – Kaisha Reveals

Kaisha, the former BBNaija housemate, has revealed that Vee’s boyfriend, Neo had an erection while he was with her in the house.

Kaisha said this when Ebuka Obi-Uchendu asked her about her relationship with Neo.

She revealed that Neo requested for a kiss during Saturday party and also had an erection while they were dancing at the party.

According to her, all these from Neo were signs that he had feelings for her and wanted her as second option.

“He had an erection when I danced with him, Neo also asked me to kiss him.

“He said he would have come for me if Vee had not approached him first.

“The drama with him and the fact he wanted two girls at the same time made me lose interest in him. I never wanted to date him,”
 Kaisha said.

However, Neo denied her, saying he never had feelings for her.

#BBNaija: You’re a Liar And Vee Should Be Careful About You – Kaisha Clashes With Neo

Ex-Big Brother Naija reality star, Kaisha has accused Neo of being a liar after leading her on and asking for a kiss.

This happened after the two were engaged in a heated conversation during the reunion show which aired last night.

Kaisha who narrated her “situationship” with Neo, disclosed that she made it clear to him that she wasn’t a second option. Admitting that she liked Neo while in the house, she however accused him of leading her on and even asking her to kiss her during a Saturday night party. She also claimed that Neo told her that he would have asked her out if Vee didn’t approach him.

Neo however denied the allegation, insisting that he’s not that daft to tell her to kiss when everyone knows he and Vee were having a romantic relationship. He also maintained that he never led Kaisha on and also accused her of being all over him.

Kaisha who was angered by this, accused Neo of being a liar and also warned Vee to be careful before storming off the show.

Though she came back a few minutes later after speaking to Prince.

“Stop Playing Jesus”- Nina Tells Nigerians Attacking BBNaija Housemates Who Had S3x In The House

Nina, a former BBNaija housemate, has asked Nigerians slamming housemates who had s3x in the house to stop playing the role of God.

Nina said this while reacting to the backlash Dorathy and Ka3na of the BBNaija ‘lockdown  edition received after they revealed that they were sexually involved with male housemates, Brighto and Praise respectively during their stay in the house

While Dorathy revealed that she performed oral sex on Brighto, Ka3na revealed she had s8x with Praise.

Nigerians took to the comment section on all social media platforms, bashing the ladies.

Nina via her Instastories mentioned that Nigerians should stop playing Jesus and allow Jesus to play his role.


“They Thought I Won’t Make It Alone, Now I’m Richer And They Are Pained” – Peter Okoye Writes

Popular Nigerian singer Peter Okoye of the defunct- PSquare, has shamed those who felt who would not progress after the separation.

P-Square is the defunct music duo consisting of the twin brothers, Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye. They produced and released their albums through Square Records. In December 2011, they signed a record deal with Akon’s Konvict Muzik label. In May 2012, P-Square signed a record distribution deal with Universal Music Group.

They had back-to-back hit tracks and a large fanbase as a group, however, when they split, many industry commentators opined that they would most likely not do well individually.

Peter in a recent Facebook post has now stated that despite their expectations, he is now richer and also doing well much to the surprise of critics.

He Said;

“SOOO… Team P! What were they thinking? That I wasn’t going to survive Alone?

They jus can’t stand the fact that I am Richer now and doing well for myself. Pained! OOOOO And this post is for them and them alone! Just Watch them referring this post to my family as usual! Odes! OOOO Watch them start preaching!

Like I said! Haters pls comment and Identify yourself on this post and my management will separate you out from my true fans. The Blocking also includes the people that liked and support the comment!

You must not like my doings! So Feel free to unfollow and unlike this my page! Or better still identify yourself so we can Block you! SO5656

Have a very good morning!”

See post below;


Sign The Divorce Papers – Nigerian Actress, Mercy Aigbe Begs Estranged Husband

Recently, during the Father’s Day celebration, there was a squabble between former lovers — ace actress, Mercy Aigbe, and her estranged husband, Lanre Gentry.

This led the pair to fight dirty on social media. While Gentry has since told The PUNCH in an exclusive interview the rationale behind his outburst, Mercy Aigbe via an exclusive interview states her truth

What is happening between you and your estranged husband, Lanre Gentry?

I read my ex’s interview in The PUNCH. I have been getting a lot of calls to grant interviews but I know that if I have to react, it has to be on The PUNCH. I want to react to some of the things that he said. Some of the things he said in the interview was that when I was with him, he was paying my daughter’s school fees; that is a big lie. I am going to use this medium to challenge him to show proof. I have proof; I paid my daughter’s school fees when I was with him.

He was paying for Juwon, but even at that, I had to bail him out because Juwon was always the last person to pay his school fees. Most times, they would send him back home from school and Juwon would come and meet me.

There was a particular day that Juwon came to meet me and he said, ‘Mummy, but you pay Michelle’s school fees, why don’t you pay my own?’ I felt so bad that from that day, I used to bail him out when he cannot meet up with the school fees.

At times, he would say I should borrow him the money but he would never pay me back. But I felt that Juwon is also my son, so, it is not a big deal because marriage is a partnership. It was something that happened very often with Juwon.

Back to Michelle, I paid her school fees all through when I was with him. The school is still there and I have my printed statement of account to show as proof that I paid my daughter’s school fees so he should not be claiming what is not. There is really no need for him to do that, I am just granting this interview for posterity’s sake.

You made it seem as if your estranged husband is a ‘dead beat’ dad. Is he?
He is. That is who he is. He is a ‘dead beat’ dad in capital letters. He is. So, he should not come and claim some things. These are things that can be found out because the school is there. Anybody can find these things out so he should stop lying.

He claimed that you changed your child’s school because you have ‘upgraded’ and he could not afford the new fees

I saw that one and that is another big lie. That is why I felt there is a need for me to react to all these cooked-up lies. My son left primary school and went to secondary school. How did I remove him? I do not understand. I have the school receipt and the exchange of text messages between me and him, including voice notes to back up my claim that he is a ‘dead beat’ father, and he does not do his responsibility.

Your estranged husband claims that your divorce has been granted by the court…

Quote me, Lanre Gentry is a pathetic liar, he is an unrepentant liar. Does he think people are dumb? How is it possible for me to take him to five courts? How? Why did we go to five courts?

But has the marriage been dissolved?

No. Please, everyone should appeal to him to sign the divorce papers. He has even refused to accept them. We are still married and not yet divorced. The divorce is not yet finalised. Maybe I should use this medium to appeal, you guys should help me beg him to let me go.

He has refused to sign the divorce papers?

He has. The bailiff from the court went to his place several times. We had to appeal to the court so that we can be allowed to paste the court document on his gate; I do not know the procedure they call it. The case is still in court.

Before the court went on strike, this man refused to appear in court. So, all that he was telling you are lies. All these things that I am telling you are what can be investigated. We are still legally married. This man refused to sign the divorce papers and he has refused to appear in court. I don’t know the legal term for this but my lawyer had to appeal to the court for them to permit us to paste the papers on his gate. That is what they did to him.

Four appearances and this man refused to show up before the court went on strike. Now that the courts have resumed, the case is back to court. He has refused to even show up.

But he is planning to get married in September…

Yes, he is planning to get married in September and one of his siblings told me. I do not have an issue with that; he can marry, he can do whatever he likes. That is not my business. But why is he telling all these lies? He is getting married in September but he has yet to fully let me go. Why is he holding on to me?

In one of his Facebook posts, he mentioned that you were into prostitution with movie marketers. Can you clear the air on that?

You know that when a man is toxic, he will do anything to bring his ex down, especially when the woman is doing very well. That is just the only explanation for it. I am not even bothered. He should let me go. That is it. He should do his responsibility.

I have instructed to file a case of defamation of character against him. If he likes, he should run, he will still have to appear in court. Also, I have spoken to the ‘social security department’ in Lagos because I know that there is a law that ensures that a man should take responsibility. So, I am talking to my lawyers, and I am dragging him there because whether he likes it or not, he needs to be responsible. No matter how small it is, he should contribute something to the life of his child.

If he thinks what I am doing is bad, why does he get bothered when I post and wish myself Happy Father’s Day without mentioning his name? It is because he feels guilty.

This all happened because of a Father’s Day post. Will this stop you from celebrating yourself on Father’s Day?

It is not going to stop me because I wear the shoes. For the role I play in my children’s lives, I should celebrate myself every day. I celebrate myself every day. Celebrating myself on Father’s Day does not mean that I am talking to anybody, I am just patting myself on the back because it is not easy. It is just the grace of God that can let a person play both roles because we know the way Nigeria is today. It is not easy for two people, not to talk of just one person.

It is not just about the finances; with raising a kid, you have to be emotionally present. You have to be there for them and nurture them and instill morals in them while you are still working hard to provide for them.

If I am doing all this and my normal work, then one day I decided to congratulate myself, it is not bad. Fatherhood is not only biological. There are so many people that are raised by men who are not their biological fathers but they call them father because those men played important roles in their lives

Celebrating myself on Father’s Day does not mean that I am saying I am a man, no. I am celebrating myself on Father’s Day because I deserve to be celebrated. I do not see that day as one to celebrate the ‘man figure. I see Father’s Day as one we celebrate those occupying and performing the role of a father to their kids. I am a woman and I love being a woman. I am a queen; a beautiful strong queen and I love it. Fate and destiny have made me play the role of a father and I have taken up that responsibility with the help of God.

People are celebrating these people as father figures not because they are men but it is because they celebrate the role of a father in their lives. So why can you not celebrate a woman who plays the role of a father in your life? Why? That is my own understanding.

It is not just for women alone. If you are a man and you play the role of a mother in the life of your children, on Mother’s Day, celebrate yourself. Do not be shy. We also have some women who are not present in their children’s life. If you are a man performing this role and Mother’s Day is celebrated 100 times in a year, celebrate it. Your children will celebrate you because you are playing that role.

Source: The PUNCH

Bobrisky To Throw Party To Unveil New Body After Surgery

Controversial male barbie, Bobrisky has announced plans to throw a party and give the sum of 100,000 each to  two loyal fans for gracing the unveiling of his banging body after surgery.

Bobrisky was rushed to the hospital some nights ago for “massive pain” on the hips after undergoing a plastic surgery.

He is now set to host a party of 10 persons on Friday to flaunt his body, while pledging to give the two fans the sum of 100k each.

“I’m hosting 10 friends lets celebrate my new body, this week Friday. Let’s waste money.

8 friends, two lucky fans. You are invited next week Friday let party hard. The two fans are going home with 100k each thanks for coming to party with d baddest. Pls dress to kill cos I’m definitely slaying die 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


Abuja Private University Opts For Virtual Learning As Abductions Rise

According to a report by The PUNCH, the management of a private institution in Abuja, Veritas University, has decided to introduce online learning following concerns raised by parents over security of students.

The university located in Bwari axis of Abuja is owned by the Catholic Church.

Recall that some schools shut down recently in Abuja over reports that some bandits operating in Niger State, including abducting students from schools, were sighted in some communities near the Federal Capital Territory.

Although the university was on mid-semester break as of the time, it had earlier postponed resumption indefinitely because of insecurity.

But our correspondent learnt on Wednesday that its management had decided to offer the online learning option to students whose parents were still raising fears over their safety on campus.

A parent, who did not want her name in print, told The PUNCH that the school authority had already issued a circular announcing the decision to offer online learning.

Our correspondent sighted the latest circular signed by the university’s Registrar, Dr Stella Chizoba, asking parents to decide whether their children would resume physically or virtually.

Part of the circular read, “In recognition of this fact, therefore, and after due consultations, Veritas University Management has decided that the rest of the second semester of the 2021 session will be blended. That implies that lectures will be held both online and physically within the campus.

“In consequence, therefore, students and their parents/sponsors are free to decide whether to resume physically onsite in the university or to continue their lectures online.”

Hospital Seeks Help In Locating Family of Nigerian Man Knocked Down By Vehicle In Ghana

According to SaharaReporters, the 37 Military Hospital has called on the general public to identify two persons admitted to their facility after a vehicular knockdown.

The patient was rushed to the hospital’s trauma Surgical Emergency Unit on Sunday, April 25, 2021. Unknown Sunday was later transferred to the Neurology Ward on April 27.

The second patient named Kingsley Ige was also sent to the Trauma Surgical and Emergency Unit on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, after a car accident.

A statement from the hospital says Ige, who is believed to be a Nigerian, has lost total memory although he can speak and walk.

Ige is currently on admission at the hospital’s Neurology Ward.

The statement signed by the Commander for Public Relations Directorate, A La-Anyane, has urged the public to assist with relevant information to help locate the families of the two persons.

Robbers Involved In Ghastly Accident While Escaping With A Victim’s Vehicle

Three robbery suspects got more than what they bargained for after they allegedly snatched a Toyota Camry car from the owner at gunpoint in Ondo state and were later involved in a ghastly accident.

The three suspects were on Sunday, June 19th arrested by men of Ogun state police command

DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, the spokesperson of the state police command, who confirmed their arrest to newsmen, said the suspects were said to be coming from Ondo state, heading towards Lagos, but on getting to a point at Ode Remo, due to dangerous driving, the vehicle hit a culvert and somersaulted.

He said the three occupants, sustained varying degrees of injuries and they were rushed to hospital by the policemen from Ode Remo divisional headquarters.

While in the hospital, the DPO of Ode Remo division, CSP Fasogbon Olayemi, received a piece of information that, the vehicle in question was snatched at gunpoint by the accident victims. Having received the information, the DPO quickly ordered that they should be placed under arrest right in the hospital.

The owner of the vehicle who came all the way from Ondo state, explained that, he was accosted on the road by a gang of five men dressed like policemen, and that he was dragged out of the car at gunpoint and the vehicle was taken away.

One of the suspects, identified as Emeka John later died while receiving treatment.

The remaining two, namely: Sunday Emmanuel and Idris Ibrahim were ordered to be transferred to state criminal investigation and intelligence department by the commissioner of police, cp Edward Awolowo Ajogun, for onward transfer to Ondo state command where they will be prosecuted. ”the statement read

Railway Vandals Arraigned In Nasarawa

Operatives of the police force have arraigned suspected railway vandals before the Federal High Court sitting in Lafia, the Nasarawa State capital.

Police are charging the suspects for conspiracy, economic sabotage, and terrorism while the lawyer of the Chinese national is charged for aiding, facilitating, and abetment of terrorism for offering a bribe to the police to aid the escape of his client.

Justice Nehizena Afolabi who presided over the case in which 18 out of the 30 suspects earlier arrested were presented in cpurt, adjourned the trial to July 7 for hearing and ordered that all suspects appear on the next date.

Speaking in court, police prosecutor Bale Nimnan said;

“We have made arrests, we have investigated and we have charged. So we can’t just come to court without anything on the ground. The matter has been investigated, we believe we have a case that is why we are in court. We have a case and we will prove it.

“The President is trying to build formidable rail tracks and some Nigerians in collaboration with other foreign Nationals and companies are sabotaging our efforts. We have a case and we will prosecute diligently.”

Counsel to some of the defendants, Innocent Lagi however said he is hoping for success. Lagi said;

“We hope that through this process both the system and everybody is given an opportunity for justice.

“An allegation remains an allegation until it is proven. We are hoping that the high-sounding allegations are not taken as proved. So we are looking forward to a trial and we are hoping that at the end of the day that we will succeed.”

Nursing Student Suspended In Borno For Not Welcoming Buhari

As shared by Naija Class Captain:

They actually suspended someone from school because (s)he didn’t greet Buhari?

Maiduguri, Borno State


Student Name………



You are hereby suspended from the college for one week With effect from today 21st June 2021 for disobedience of executive order to Welcome the President of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari GCFR, GCON (on the 17th of June 2021)

You are expected to report back to college on the 28th of June 2021 along with
Your parent or guardian.

Endless Borrowing: Experts Worry, Okonjo-Iweala, Ahmed Differ On Nigeria’s Debts

The Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed, and the Director General of the World Trade Organisation, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, on Wednesday, differed on the nation’s debt-to-Gross Domestic Product ratio.

Experts who spoke to our correspondents also expressed worry over the nation’s rising debt profile.

While Ahmed put the debt-to-GDP ratio at 29 per cent, Okojo-Iweala said it had risen to 35 per cent.

Both the minister and the WTO boss spoke at the African Development Bank High Level Knowledge Event with the theme: ‘From Debt Resolution to Growth: The Road Ahead for Africa’ which held virtually on Wednesday.

Ahmed also disclosed that Nigeria planned to borrow more money to fund its infrastructure capacity.

This is in spite of voices calling on the government to halt borrowing and concentrate on other means of raising funds for the infrastructure needs of the country.

According to the Debt Management Office, Nigeria’s total public debt portfolio rose from N12.12tn in June 2015 to N33.11tn as of March 31.

Ahmed said the government was enforcing fiscal discipline to expand its fiscal space so that it could continue to service its debts and borrow more to build the nation’s infrastructure capacity.

She said, “As of Q1 2021, we have about a 29 per cent debt-to-Gross Domestic Product ratio. In terms of level of debt, we are still very healthy, and sustainable.

“We are struggling with revenues, which is what we need to pay our debts. We have put in place a number of measures to enhance domestic revenue.

“We are cutting costs, we are improving the ease of doing business, trying to leverage private sector resource capacity to invest in infrastructure to reduce government spending.

“We are working on increased transparency in public financial management; we are enforcing fiscal discipline to expand our fiscal space so that we can continue to service our debt and borrow more to build our infrastructure capacity.”

Ahmed also said that the total debt profile did not include that of some states, and that the federal government was making moves to correct that.

“In Nigeria, we’ve been making a lot of effort on a quarterly basis to disclose all the debts that we have and to also indicate what the debt service is.

Currently, we are working on including other state-owned debts that have not been included in public debt for the purpose of transparency. It is important and will help us going forward.”

However, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who also attended the AfDB’s event, differed with Ahmed on the nation’s debt-to-GDP ratio.

The WTO boss who had been Nigeria’s Minister of Finance in the past said the nation’s debt to GDP ratio had risen from 29 per cent to 35 per cent.

She said, “Middle-income African countries have also seen their debt burdens increase sharply. Amid falling prices and demand for oil worldwide, Nigeria’s debt to GDP ratio rose from 29 to 35 per cent; Algeria from 46 to 53 per cent, and Egypt from 84 to 90 per cent, Angola from 107 to 127 per cent.

“Debt to GDP ratios also increased for non-oil exporters including South Africa from 62 to 77 per cent. Morocco from 65 to 76 per cent.”

Okonjo-Iweala also said that scarce foreign exchange in certain African countries was creating scenarios where the governments were using scarce forex to fund the fund debt repayment rather than on capital investment.

“Even where debt to GDP or where debt to export ratios were not very high, tighter access to dollar financing because of the COVID-19 crisis means we are already seeing places where scarce foreign exchange is going to fund debt repayment instead of capital investment,” she added.

A professor of economics at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Sheriffdeen Tella, described as a cause for worry the amount being spent by the government on debt servicing.

He said, “What is important is not even the debt-to-GDP ratio but the ability to pay, and we are presently in serious problem with payments.

“If they want to borrow money from internal sources, that could be understood. But if they are going international again, I think it is not proper because presently the level of international borrowing is what is giving them problem now.

“We are selling oil and making money but we are using that money to service the debts that we owe, and that is unfortunate.

“So, one cannot but be worry. So, government should think about creating wealth rather than continue borrowing. If they need money badly, they should borrow domestically.”

Prof. Akpan Ekpo told one of our correspondents that there was an urgent need for the government to be more transparent concerning the borrowing.

He said, “There is nothing bad in borrowing but you need to borrow to fund infrastructural projects that will pay their way.

Looking at debt-to-GDP ratio can be quite misleading because we debased our GDP making the denominator very large compared to the numerator. Instead, we should use debt servicing to GDP ratio and debt to revenue ratio, which at the current rates are disturbing.”

Ekpo added, “FG needs to do more feasibility studies on these infrastructural projects before borrowing to fund them.

“Infrastructural projects like power and others have positive multiplier effects in the long run. For the debt acquisition, they also need to be more transparent on it too.”

President of the AfDB, Akinwumi Adesina, said that cumulative total debt in Africa was higher than cumulative government revenue.

According to him, in 2019, Africa’s total outstanding debt was $841.9bn, while total government annual revenue was $501bn.

Adesina said, “Africa’s GDP declined by 2.1 per cent in 2021. Growth is projected to recover to 3.4 per cent by 2021 and 2022. Africa’s cumulative GDP declined by $145bn to $190bn.

“Millions fell into extreme poverty on the continent. Thirty-nine million Africans could fall into poverty by the end of 2021.

Adesina said debt-to-GDP ratios on the continent was expected to rise to 10 to 15 percentage points, rising from 60 per cent in 2020 to 75 per cent in 2021.

He added that as of 2021, 17 out of 38 African countries for which debt sustainability was available were in dire distress.

Twelve countries were in moderate risk of debt distress, while six were already in dire distress, and one country had low risk of debt distress, he added.

Source:- Punch Ng

Kaduna State University Asks Parents To Sign Undertaking After Increasing Fees

Comr. Steven Kefas:

Tyranny at its best in Kaduna. After increasing tuition fees to a 100k from 26k, they now force parents to sign this shit. These guys are evil.



Respectfully. I am ………… Parent/Guardian of …… My Son/Daughter/Ward a …… level student admitted in 20 ….. / 20 ….. Academic Session in your esteemed Institution. I hereby write to assure you that my Son/Daughter/Ward will be of good character/conduct and will obey all the rules and regulations of his/her Department and Faculty as well as the university at large.

I also pledge that my Son/Daughter/Ward should be expelled without warning if he/she engages in any demonstration/protest against the increment in tuition fees or any contrary activities of the University’s rules and regulation.


…… Name of Parent/Guardian

…… Signature & Date

……. Contact Address &Telephone Number

One reported Dead, Vehicles Broken-in As Robbers Attack Motorists On Long Bridge

One person was alleged to have died, while some vehicles were vandalised as traffic robbers attacked motorists on the Long Bridge, Ogun State end of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway on Tuesday.

PUNCH Metro gathered from some of the victims that the attacks occurred between 9pm and 10pm when the flow of traffic became slow on the bridge.

A victim, Mrs Adeola Akinwunmi, told our correspondent that she had yet to get over the shock of the incident, adding that she took her child from the car and fled with her husband when they saw other victims running towards her car.

Adeola, who works as a journalist for a Lagos-based media outfit, said she and other victims returned to their vehicles when the gunshots subsided, adding that vehicles that were locked were broken into by the hoodlums and the belongings of the owners and occupants were stolen.

Adeola stated that her bag containing vital documents was stolen as well as her husband’s laptop.

She told PUNCH Metro that those, who remained in their vehicles during the attack, were injured, adding that as of the time she reported the incident at the Warewa Police Station, no other victim had come forward.

Adeola stated, “It happened around 9.30pm. There was traffic on the bridge. We saw people alighting from their vehicles and running towards us. I was with my husband. He told me to unhook my seat belt and be on the alert. We alighted from our car, left it unlocked and joined the fleeing crowd. My phone was with me as we fled. We continued to hear gunshots. People, who stayed in their vehicles, were injured. We stopped when we could no longer hear gunshots and began to walk towards our cars.

“We noticed that the windscreens and windows of some cars that were locked had been shattered and the belongings of the occupants stolen. When we got to our car, my handbag with all my documents, ATM cards and ID card had been stolen as well as my husband’s laptop.

“The driver of a Hilux vehicle that was conveying an Indian man was stabbed in the head with the Indian man gasping for breath. He eventually died this morning. My husband and I drove to the Warewa Police Station to report the incident and all the things stolen from our car.”

She said many vehicles were destroyed during the raid, adding that the perpetrators jumped down from the bridge after the operation.

Source:- Punch Ng

Anambra Election: Court Voids PDP Delegate Elections

A High Court of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, yesterday, refused the applications by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to stay its June 9, 2021 judgment sacking the party’s executive council in Anambra State.

Justice Olukayode Adeniyi, sitting at the Maitama division of the court, specifically dismissed three applications filed by the party in respect to the subject matter.

Meanwhile, the court further voided the delegates’ election of the PDP held on June 10 and 11 to elect a three-man ad-hoc ward delegate that would participate in the voting at its primary schedule for June 26, 2021.

In his ruling on the applications, Justice Adeniyi, held that the three applicants – the PDP, Ndubisi Nwobu and Uchenna Obiora – failed to make out a case to warrant the grant of their application that sought to stay the judgment pending the determination of the appeal.

Justice Adeniyi, who came down hard on the applicants for earlier denigrating the court in their reaction to the judgment, held that they did not show that the non-staying of the judgment would either render their appeals nugatory or make it impossible for the party to conduct its primary for the forthcoming governorship election.

The judge voided all the activities engaged in by the party since June 9 when the judgment was delivered, including the elections it conducted on June 10 and 11 to elect a three-man ad-hoc ward delegate that would participate in the voting at the primary of the PDP scheduled for June 26, 2021.

Justice Adeniyi said the statement made on June 9, by the state secretary of the PDP Anambra in which he disparaged the court and its judgment was an affront to the court, adding that they do not expect a court they have insulted to grant them an indulgence.

The June 9 judgment, which they sought to stay was on a suit marked: HC/CV/774/2021 filed by Samuel Anyakolah (for himself and all local government chairmen and ward executives that emerged from the Anambra PDP congress conducted on November 28 and December 1, 2017 under the supervision of Chukwudi Umeaba, as acting chairman state caretaker committee.

The judge agreed with the plaintiff/claimant that the PDP violated its constitution in the conduct of the South East zonal congress of March 6, 2021 and the appointments made therein.

Source:- Sunnews

EFCC Arrests 10 Suspected Internet Fraudsters

EFCC Enugu Arrests 10 Suspected Internet Fraudsters in Enugu

Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Enugu Zonal Office, have arrested 10 suspected internet fraudsters in Enugu.

NNPC, EFCC, DSS, Others Partner To Go After Oil Thieves, Smugglers

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is partnering the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), and relevant agencies to curtail petroleum products smuggling and crude oil theft.

Others are Department of State Services (DSS), Nigeria Police Force (NPF), Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).

A stakeholders’ meeting was held at the NNPC Towers in Abuja, to seal the collaboration.

The Group Managing Director, Mele Kyari said the parley was at the instance of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Kyari disclosed Buhari mandated the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, the NNPC, and security agencies to do everything to stop the sabotage in the oil sector.

“Smuggling is not a business that should be condoned because even for deregulated petroleum products, it brings extra cost burden on this country both in terms of safety of supply and securing foreign exchange”, he said.

The GMD noted that with the increasing price of crude oil at the global market and the OPEC+ production cuts, Nigeria cannot afford to shoulder the cost of smuggling.

Kyari confirmed that the NNPC would emplace Advanced Cargo Declaration in line with global best practices to tackle the issue of crude oil theft.

EFCC chairman, Abdulrasheed Bawa expressed the readiness of the commission to work with the NNPC to go after economic saboteurs.

The Major Marketers Association of Nigeria (MOMAN), Depot and Petroleum Products Marketers Association of Nigeria (DAPPMA), Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN), Nigerian Association of Road Transport Owners (NARTO), Petroleum Tanker Drivers (PTD) were represented.

They declared support for federal government’s desire to end petroleum products heist.

Source:- Daily Post

Court Sacks Lagos PDP Chairman Deji Doherty, Reinstates Dominic

Justice Oyekan Abdullahi of the Lagos High Court on Tuesday removed Dr Adedeji Doherty as the Chairman of the Lagos State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and reinstates former Chairman, Dr Dominic Adegbola.

Justice Abdullahi while delivering judgement in suit No: LD/3600/GCM/2019 DR DOMINIC ADEGBOLA & ORS. V. PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC PARTY & ORS. filed by Dominic Adegbola said the judgement was delivered in favour of the Claimants.

In the judgement, the Court said it considered the Preliminary Objection filed by the 1st -6th Defendants and dismissed them for lack of merit.

“Consequently, the Court considered the merit of the case canvassed by all the parties. The Court held that the positions sought to be filled at the special election were not vacant. Also, the Court held that the argument that the 1st Claimant, Dr. Dominic held the office of the State Chairman of PDP for 90 days has no place in the Constitution of PDP.

“The Court further held that the 1st Claimant was duly appointed to serve out the term of his predecessor who resigned .

The Court stated that the Claimant’s failure to utilize internal dispute mechanism is not accidental as the Defendants frustrated same. The Court relied on the attempt made by the 1st Claimant when he wrote a letter to the National Chairman of the party and the letter was rejected. This fact was not contradicted by the Defendants”.

The Court said it further held that “all the conditions precedent to conduct election into the party’s offices were not followed and that the NWC of the party had no power to conduct state and local government congresses. Also, the special congress must fail as there was no guideline from the NEC of the party.

“Furthermore, the Court held that no notice of the special congress was forwarded to INEC as required by the Electoral Act.

“In sum, the case of the Claimants succeeds completely. The special congress held on 13th November, 2019, was set aside and there were no vacancies in the first place.

“In addition, the Court further held that the Defendants’ act of conducting the special congress despite a subsisting order of the Court prohibiting same is contemptuous.

Source:- Independent Ng

Why I Haven’t Constituted Edo Cabinet – Obaseki

Edo Governor Godwin Obaseki has explained why he has not constituted his cabinet over six months after he was sworn in for second term.

The delay, he said, is due to the restructuring of the Civil Service for efficiency.

He also said he was consulting with wards and local governments in the State to submit nominees for appointment into the cabinet.

Governor Obaseki spoke to State House Correspondents after a meeting with Chief of Staff to the President, Professor Ibrahim Gambari, at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

He said: “Well, you see I spent the first four years as governor. So, I know what the challenges of governance are. We spent the last six months trying to restructure process of government, particularly the civil service because no matter how great a cabinet is, if the government and the functions of government are not operating properly, the executive cannot function optimally.

“So, the last six months, we’ve tried to redefine the structures of governance, working through every layer of the civil service, define the roles, the responsibilities, trying to understand the resources available, and put in place key performance indicators and scorecards for every MDA in government.

“And this we did, such that the civil servants have no excuse to say they couldn’t do what they’re doing because of political interference.

“So, we’ve tried to keep politics out of government in the last seven months, to redefine the processes to define the structures and define the service delivery criteria for government.
“Now that we have done that, we now hired a whole crop of civil and public servants. We have about 1500 of them, we have hired, and we’re introducing technology.

“We have, perhaps one of the best training facilities in the country. And we are now ready for the political class, for the commissioners, to now step into government and do what they’re supposed to do and give political direction to the process of government.”

On when he will submit the nominees, he said: “Well, as I speak, as I speak, I have mandated wards, local governments to give me nominations.

“The nominations are coming in from the wards and the local governments. And the selection team is being put place to screen these candidates for submission to maybe before passing to the state House of Assembly.”“Now that we have done that, we now hired a whole crop of civil and public servants. We have about 1500 of them, we have hired, and we’re introducing technology.

“We have, perhaps one of the best training facilities in the country. And we are now ready for the political class, for the commissioners, to now step into government and do what they’re supposed to do and give political direction to the process of government.”

On when he will submit the nominees, he said: “Well, as I speak, as I speak, I have mandated wards, local governments to give me nominations.

“The nominations are coming in from the wards and the local governments. And the selection team is being put place to screen these candidates for submission to maybe before passing to the state House of Assembly.”

Source:- The Nation

PDP To Investigate Alleged Claims Its Members Are Receiving Money From Tinubu

The Lagos State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has warned its members who are have been fraternising with the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state to desist henceforth or face the consequences of their actions.

The party also vowed to activate its undercover investigation to verify the claims that some leaders in the party in the state have been receiving financial gratifications from Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, former governor of Lagos and APC national leader.

Recall that Segun Adewale popularly known as Aeroland, a former state chairman of the PDP, who was suspended by his ward chapter on Monday, had claimed that 99 per cent of PDP leaders in Lagos state are moles in the party who have been allegedly receiving money from Tinubu.

He said: “I am the only PDP leader who has not received any bribe from Tinubu. They have been collecting bribes from him, despite claiming to be PDP leaders. Ninety-nine per cent of PDP leaders in Lagos are collecting money from Tinubu. Only one percent of us are committed and they hated us”.

Speaking with DAILY INDEPENDENT, Taofik Gani, the Publicity Secretary of the party, however, said the onus lies on Aeroland to back up his claim with evidence.

“He who asserts must prove. If a chieftain of the party made the claim that some party leaders are collecting money from APC, that means he has evidence to back up his claim.

“I believe any chieftain of the party who is disturbed by this can take him up. I will only advise that people should watch what they say because this is same thing that is affecting this country now as a result of the bad image some people created for this country in 2015 when they wanted to wrest power from the PDP.”

“However, there may be elements of truth in the claim and so, this party is admonishing any leader or party member who may have been affected by this allegation to desist forthwith as we shall have our own undercover investigation activated immediately”.
“You are either a member of Lagos PDP or not. We don’t want those spreading one leg in PDP and the other in APC in our midst”.

Source:- Independent Ng

How I Lure Ladies On Instagram To Sleep With Me, Blackmail Them – Suspect

I have been into online hook ups on Instagram for several years. I meet females online and I tell them about hook-up, if they accept, they agree to come and see me in Port Harcourt from wherever they are.

They pay their flight ticket and come down to Port Harcourt, they pay for hotel room, after having sex, I leave them stranded in hotel and run away, they will call me, I will tell them that I’m no more interested. I will now tell them to send money for me to delete their nude pictures, some pay 100k, some 50k, the girl that made them arrest me paid 300k

COVID-19 Update For June 23 2021 In Nigeria

44 New COVID-19 Cases, 4 Discharged And 0 Deaths On June 23

44 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria;


167,375 confirmed
163,917 discharged
2,118 deaths

Today’s report includes data from 3 states with 0 cases reported: Imo, Kano, and Sokoto

A breakdown of cases by state can be found via covid19.ncdc.gov.ng

Nollywood Actress Tessy Oragwa Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

Popular Nigerian actress, Tessy Oragwa has given birth to a baby girl.

The actress in an Instagram post she shared, said she welcomed her bundle of joy on June 21, 2021.

Oragwa also disclosed that her daughter has been named “Chimamanda Amber Agbahiwe”.

She Wrote;

“Chimamanda Amber Agbahiwe 06/21/21 welcome my priceless jewel , my princess, my rare gem , my precious one @jeremyagbahiwe loves you girl  join me in thanksgiving to the most high!!”


Comedian Zicsaloma Unveils New House, Weeks After Buying Benz (Photos)

Nigerian Instagram and TikTok comedian Aloma Isaac Junior aka Zicsaloma is now a landlord. The comedian took to his social media page to share photos of the house he just built. 

This is coming weeks after he gifted himself a Mercedes Benz SUV. The comedian, from Kaduna state, shared the news on his Instagram Story and wrote; “God made me a landlord in such a short time. I am forever thankful to God.

 Another comedian Chinonso Ukah, also known as Nons Miraj a.k.a Ada Jesus, and others also shared the news on their Instagram Stories. Zicsaloma is also a singer and former lecturer. He studied English and Literary Studies at Abia State University, Uturu. 

Aloma, who is known for his comic female character, is a household name on TikTok and Instagram where he boasts over 332,000 followers. 

“Your Well Don Too Deep” – Bobrisky Berates Ka3na After She Opened Up About Her S3xual Encounter With Praise

Controversial male barbie,  Bobrisky, took to Instagram to lambast Ka3na for berating Praise and calling him a 5 seconds man after their s3xual encounter.

In the BNaija reunion last night, June 22, Ka3na who had previously denied sleeping with Praise in the house, finally admitted that they did have intercourse in the BBNaija house

According to the mother of one who often calls herself as a ‘Boss Lady,’ she invited Praise to her bed where they had sex but was disappointed as it only lasted for 5 seconds.

According to her, she left the bed immediately in annoyance to go outside and ‘chill’ as she was disappointed at Praise’s performance. She also added that that had sex again at a hotel after the show but that it didn’t last up to two seconds.

She also admitted using Praise for the game after she heard that he boasted to other housemates that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her.

Slamming Praise, Ka3na called him a “boy” while stating that she does not date boys like Praise. She also revealed that Praise tried contacting her after the show but that she ignored him.

Bobrisky on social media slammed Ka3na who he described as “razz and classless” for calling Praise a 5 seconds man. He also slut-shamed Ka3na, says that her “well is deep”.

The male barbie also advised people to stop dating boys because they often kiss and tell. Trashing the Ex-housemates, Bobrisky says they gave out so much details for people who are matured.


Regina Daniels Hospitalised Again

Regina Daniels is currently at the hospital.

It was gathered that the actress got hospitalised once again for the third time in a span of few weeks.

Recall that in May, the actress was back to the hospital weeks after she underwent successful surgery in April for an undisclosed ailment.

However, the actress revealed on her social media page on Tuesday that she’s back to the hospital and is quite sad about it.

Sharing a photo of her bandaged wrist with plaster on and several medical items scattered around, the mother of one captioned post: “Man down again” accompanied with a sad emoji.

End Of The Road! Fake Ponzi Scheme Operator Jailed Seven Years In Rivers

Umoren Edet, a fake Ponzi scheme operator, has been sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment by Justice A. T. Mohammed of the Federal High Court in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, for obtaining money under false pretences and issuing dud cheques.

It was gathered that Edet collected the sum of N7m from one Amaka Joy for bitcoin transactions, but neither conducted the business nor returned the money to the owner.

The Head of Media and Publicity, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Wilson Uwujaren, in a statement on Tuesday, said Edet was re-arraigned on one count of advanced fee fraud by the anti-graft agency after a three-year trial.

He pleaded guilty to the amended charge.

The prosecuting counsel, Celestina Okorie, presented three witnesses against the convict, while the defence counsel, I. Ekwu, also presented three witnesses.

Delivering his judgment, Justice Mohammed convicted Edet and sentenced him to seven years’ imprisonment without an option of a fine.

He also ordered that the sum of N7m be returned to the victim

Drama As Rivers University Student Gets Caught With Sacks Of Indian Hemp On Campus, Suspended

According to a report by The PUNCH, the management of the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, said it had suspended an undergraduate, Chimara Prince, after he was arrested with sacks of Indian hemp on the campus.

The Vice-Chancellor of the institution, Prof Ozo-Mekuri Ndimele, who disclosed this in a statement he personally signed, alleged that the student was selling the substance on the campus.

Ndimele said the student, who also smokes weed in the hostel, was nabbed following a tip-off by fellow students, who alerted the institution’s security men.

The VC’s statement titled: ‘Another case of suspension from studies – Mr Chimara Prince’, said the suspect is from the Department of Guidance and Counselling.

He said Prince had been handed over to the police, while his case had been referred to the institution’s Senate Disciplinary Committee to determine his fate.

The statement read in part, “The management of the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education has suspended the following student from studies: Mr Chimara Prince – UE/2018/G&C/BED4/0314 from the Guidance and Counselling Department.

“It was alleged that Mr Chimara Prince is a chronic smoker of weed in the hostel without regard to the feelings of his roommates. He was arrested with large sacks of some substances suspected to be Indian hemp, which he sold freely to his fellow students in the hostel.

“Meanwhile, he has been handed over to the police for further interrogation. His case has also been referred to the Senate Disciplinary Committee to decide his fate with regard to his studentship here.

“Let me salute the courage of our students, who brought this dangerous act of Mr Chimara Prince to the knowledge of the school management. That is how it ought to be.”

Guest Flees As Woman Dies Inside Hotel In Kwara

A lady has been found dead inside a hotel room in Kwara state.

Following the incident, the Kwara State Police Command has begun searching for the man in question.

The incident happened about three weeks.

The suspect, whom the police identified as Adegboye James of Okelowo Street, Ede, Osun State, was alleged to have murdered the lady whom he brought to the hotel on Adewole Housing Estate, Ilorin, on May 27, 2021.

The police, in a statement signed by the command’s Public Relations Officer, Ajayi Okasanmi, said the address given by the suspect was fake and could not be traced.

He called on members of the public whose daughter or female relation was missing since May 28, 2021, to check the Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigation Department for possible identification of the corpse.

The statement read, “On May 28, 2021, around 7.30pm, we responded to a call from one Olalekan Anafi, the supervisor of Premium Diamond Hotel, in the Adewole area of Ilorin that on May 27, 2021, around 2pm, one Adegboye James, lodged at their hotel.

“The said Adegboye James went out and came back with a lady. The said Adegboye James later checked out of the hotel without the knowledge of any of the hotel staff.

“In the morning of the following day when nothing was heard from the room occupied by the said lodger, a spare key was used to open the room and the hotel was confronted by the dead body of the lady.

“Investigation into the incident is already at an advanced stage as ordered by the Commissioner of Police, Kwara State, CP Mohammed Bagega, to arrest the lodger whose name and address as reflected in the hotel’s logbook is fake.”

In another development, the Kwara State command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps said its operatives are searching for a motorist who allegedly cut off the hand of a seven-year-old Alimanjiri student, Usman Abubakar, of Malam Aliu Adamu School, Patigi, in the Patigi Local Government Area of the state.

A statement by the Public Relations Officer of the NSCDC, Babawale Afolabi, said the child was allegedly kidnapped together with his schoolmate by the unknown motorist, who promised to take them to where they would eat on Monday night.

Babawale said the suspect, who is now at large with the boy’s hand, later escaped into the bush.

He said the victim lost much blood and was treated at the Patigi General Hospital.

The PRO said the NSCDC had commenced investigation into the incident.