Apr 20, 2021

Isa Pantami: Arewa Consultative Council Issues Statements (Photos)

Dear @DrIsaPantami, Irrespective of what the media judges will say or do, we shall continue to stand with what’s good for Nigeria.

The persecution and blackmail of Pantami is becoming more of Hate & hidden agenda.
We are confident in his sincere commitment to promoting Nigeria.

His renouncement should clear his human errors and non of these pressures will influence him to leave.

We cannot keep quite or watch. All men are bound to flop at tender ages, especially with complex and dynamic situations that are unavoidably influenced by exuberance.


Jaafar Jaafar Flees Home Over Death Threats

A journalist and publisher of Daily Nigerian, Jaafar Jaafar, who exposed a video in 2018 showing the Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, stuffing dollars in his pockets, has fled his Kano and Abuja residences over some death threats he recently received.

SaharaReporters learnt that Jaafar is presently in hiding and one of his close associates said some unknown persons had been on his trail for some time.

Jaafar Jaafar

“The journalist is no longer staying at home. He is in danger as some unidentified persons, likely to be hit men, have been trailing his movements, both at his Abuja and Kano residences,” the source said.

It was gathered that the Inspector-General of Police Monitoring Unit, also in a letter dated April 14, invited the Daily Nigerian publisher for questioning, alleging that he was inciting violence and spreading injurious falsehood.

In a letter signed by ACP A. A. Elleman, the Monitoring Unit, said that “this office is investigating a case of criminal conspiracy, defamation, injurious falsehood and inciting violence to the IGP in which your name featured.

“In view of the foregoing, you are kindly requested to interview the undersigned on Monday, April 19, by 10.00am prompt through SP Usman Garba (Admin Officer) to shed more light on the allegation.

“Your cooperation in this regard would be highly appreciated, please.”

It was not clear yet if the journalist was able to visit the IGP Monitoring Unit.

SaharaReporters had on March 22 reported that Jaafar had cried out that the governor should be held responsible if anything bad should happen to him.

Ganduje had in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation Hausa on Friday, said the government was making plans to deal with those who released the videos.

In the face of the renewed threats, the journalist wrote a petition to the Inspector General of Adamu, Mohammed Adamu, through his counsel, Abdullahi Gumel.

Speaking through his lawyer, Jaafar had noted that although Ganduje was a sitting governor and a member of the ruling party, the IGP would handle the matter professionally, diligently and speedily.

Source:- Sahara Reporters

Fayemi: Governors To Implement Autonomy For State Assemblies, Judiciary In May

The Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) has finally agreed to implement autonomy for state legislative and judiciary, with effect from May 2021.

Kayode Fayose, Ekiti state governor who is the NGF chairman, disclosed this to state house correspondents on Monday.

Fayemi said the decision was reached in a meeting attended by federal lawmakers, representatives of the judiciary and legislative staff, and Ibrahim Gambari, chief of staff to the president.

He insisted the governors never objected to full autonomy for the state assemblies and judiciary, adding that “the issue is about implementation.”

“There has been no objection from governors on judicial and legislative autonomies. As a matter of fact, it would not have passed if governors were not in support in the first instance, in the state assemblies,” he said.

“As soon as the final document that is being cleaned up emerges, that is preparatory to implementation. We’re not going to put a timeframe in the air, but it will be implemented as soon as possible, definitely no later than the end of May 2021.”

Source:- The Cable

FG Admits Revenues Crashing, Says Nigeria Faces Hard Times

The Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed, on Monday admitted that Nigeria’s economy was facing a difficult time, saying states must improve their internally generated revenues.

Ahmed, who stated this in an interview on a daily breakfast show on the Nigerian Television Authority, Good Morning Nigeria, stated that the money shared at the March Federation Account Allocation Committee was short of N50bn.
The minister was speaking on a controversy generated by a claim by the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, that the Central Bank of Nigeria printed N60bn in March to augment the money shared at March FAAC.

But the minister and the CBN Governor last week dismissed Obaseki’s claim.
In the interview on the NTA on Monday, the finance minister stated the country’s economy was stabilising from the recession, which the country exited a few months ago.
She, however, added, “These are very difficult challenging times because revenues are low and the demand for expenditures are very high understandably because we have to keep intervening to make sure the pandemic is contained as well as the economic impact it has caused.

“In our case in Nigeria, the crash of the crude oil prices really hit us very hard in terms of revenue. We have very low revenues, we have very high expenditures. What we have done so far is just to provide some stability to make sure salaries are paid, pensions are received every month; that we send funds to the judiciary and the legislature; that we meet our debt service obligations.

“That’s what we are doing. It also means we have had to borrow more than we have planned before the COVID-19 started because we need to still continue to invest in infrastructure using our national budget. We borrowed to invest in key projects such as roads, rail, airports, seaports and several other investments that are required in health and in education and upgrading the social standards and quality of life of our people and Nigeria is not unique as several countries of the world went into recession.

“Almost every other country has had to borrow more than it planned. It means we expanded our deficit very fast in 2020. 2021 is a year that we see as the year of recovery.”
According to him, government hopes to achieve a growth of three per cent in 2021, adding that some of the multilateral institutions are putting it at 2.5 per cent.

She stated, “It is a very difficult time. I can explain to you how difficult it is, not just for the Federal Government but also for the states. We see increasing reductions in our FAAC revenues; FAAC revenues are the revenues that we put together every month, that are collected from both oil and non-oil sectors from the collection of the NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation) the FIRS (the Federal Inland Revenue Service) and all other revenues collection agencies.

“ So, FAAC reduces and whenever FAAC reduces, it is a very difficult situation and in the past one year, we have tried to fall back on some specific accounts that are meant to be saved; savings that when you have such a situation, you fall back on the resources and augment.

“So, we take funds based on Mr President’s approval either from Excess Crude or Stabilisation Account or in some cases, President approved for us to take funds from LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) dividends. In the month of March, we had a shortfall of FAAC that was about N50bn; we didn’t have enough accrued in any of those accounts other than some N8.5bn that we took from exchange rate differential account so we added that and we ended up with the FAAC of N605bn.

“An average FAAC that is healthy for us is N650bn, so it means we had a shortfall of about N50bn. The states to be honest wanted us to go and borrow from the central bank to augment FAAC.”

She stated that advice by states was rejected, adding that the three levels of government were asked to manage what was available.
“So, it was very surprising when we had a sitting governor saying that the CBN had printed money for FAAC. That was very unfortunate because it was not true. The FAAC was N60bn, the FAAC information is published so you can see the revenue contributed by each of the agency; that is what we shared.

“The states would have wanted us to borrow and augment but we didn’t do that. And we would make sure we don’t have to do that because it’s time all of us to go back and do more. A lot of states are trying to do that in terms of increasing the performance of their internally generated revenues, but it is difficult to do that at a time when growth is very, very slow.”

“Going forward, what we have been doing in the ministry of finance, budget and national planning is a plan that we have put in place to grow revenues. Our revenues have been growing but because the expenditures have been growing at a pace that is much faster than the revenue growth, the impact is not felt.

Wike canvasses state ownership of minerals, govt’s royalty

Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, on Monday said dependence on oil was one of the problems of the country.
He, therefore, advocated that the federating units in Nigeria should be allowed to develop and operate their respective minerals and pay royalty to the Federal Government.

He said this had become pertinent because the Federal Government which unilaterally controlled the country rich minerals endowment had failed to translate the minerals wealth into overall economic development.

Wike made this assertion when the Minister of State for Mines and Steel Development, Uchechukwu Ogah, paid him a visit at the Government House, Port Harcourt.
The governor, in a statement by his media aide, Kelvin Ebiri, maintained that in order for the country to benefit from its vast endowment, the Federal Government should concentrate on formulation of policies that would facilitate an improvement in the governance of the mining sector to improve social welfare of the citizens.

“The Federal Government is carrying so much load that it is not supposed to carry. Allow states to develop these minerals and pay royalty to the Federal Government. That is the way it’s supposed to be.”

“It is very important for people to know that part of the problem in this country is that everybody is depending on oil, when we are also supposed to look at other minerals. Minerals play a great role in terms of raising revenue for any country. So, our overemphasis on oil has reduced our impact on other minerals,” Wike stated.

He noted that if the country fully harness the gold deposit in Zamfara as well as other minerals in other states of the federation, the country would make a lot of revenue from these minerals that can accelerate her development.
Wike lamented that despite the possibility of the Ajaokuta Steel Company project generating huge revenues for the country and creating not less than 10,000 jobs, the Federal Government for political reasons, had failed to actualise the country’s aspiration to become a major player in the global steel industry.

The Minister of State for Mines and Steel Development, Uchechukwu Ogah, told the governor he was in the state to share with him the vision and policy focus of the Federal Government for the development of the nation’s solid mineral resources.

According to him, his visit is to solicit for the support and partnership of the Government of Rivers State in ensuring the orderly and efficient exploitation of huge deposits of silica sand, glass sand and clay in the state.

Also on Monday, the Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, said the Federal Government should stop financial gynamistics and face the reality that dependence on oil could not take the country far.

Obaseki, who stated this in a statement on Monday, called for a quick diversification of the nation’s economy to increase non-oil revenue.
Obaseki said, “Before the civil war, we had no crude oil. The regions relied on the resources that they had and the government was run based on taxation, which was derived from the regions and production, particularly agricultural production in the regions.

“In the last 40 years or so, crude oil came and replaced those economic activities and earnings. So, we now run a federation relying almost exclusively on crude oil. For a country that is still hoping on crude oil, it’s only a question of time and pretending and doing all sorts of interesting and financial gymnastics to keep it going; it’s only a question of time.”

Noting the need for leaders to listen and work, always, in the interest of the people, Obaseki said, “When they say government, what they really mean is us; it’s about how we engage with the citizens.

“The people in government think they are better and know more than the citizens. When you say something, they disagree with you because they think they are in power and know more than you.
“We; officials of government, civil servants and politicians, because we are government, think that we know better than the people. But it’s a fallacy, because it’s the taxes these people pay from their own economic activities that will sustain us going into the future.”

“It is their sweat that will pay our salaries; they cannot be foolish for them to be producing the resources that keep us. Therefore, our emphasis must be on them; we have to keep them alive.
“That is why the government must create an enabling environment for the citizens to thrive, so that from their wealth, the government can be sustained,” he added.

Source:- Punch Ng

Ganduje Dollar Videos: Police Storm Daily Nigeria In Search Of Jaafar Jaafar

Armed policemen have stormed the Abuja head office of the DAILY NIGERIAN newspaper in search of its publisher, Jaafar Jaafar.

In October 2018, DAILY NIGERIAN had published video clips of Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano, stuffing bundles of dollars, suspected to be a bribe from a contractor, in his pockets.

The governor, in an interview with BBC Hausa on March 19 disclosed that he was making plans to deal with those who released the videos.

Mr Jaafar, subsequently, wrote a petition to the then Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, raising an alarm over renewed threats to his life.

Ever since the governor’s threat, the publisher said he had been noticing unusual movements around both his Abuja and Kano residences.

On Thursday, April 15, a team of police officers, numbering four, stormed the Abuja office of DAILY NIGERIAN looking for Mr Jaafar who had at the time stepped out for an official engagement.

Our correspondent, who monitored the police officers’ movement, observed that three of the policemen came into the newsroom and another officer positioned himself outside of the office probably in anticipation of any resistance of arrest.

“When they noticed that our Editor-In-Chief was actually not in the office, they then dropped a letter inviting him to the force headquarters for questioning,” Ibrahim Ramalan, the newspaper’s associate editor said.

In the letter signed by ACP A. A. Elleman, the head of the recently-disbanded IGP Monitoring Unit, said that “This office is investigating a case of Criminal Conspiracy, Defamation, Injurious Falsehood and Inciting Violence to the Inspector General of Police in which your name featured.

“In view of the foregoing, you are kindly requested to interview the undersigned on Monday 19th April 2021 by 10.00am prompt through SP Usman Garba (Admin Officer) to shed more light on the allegation.

“Your cooperation in this regard would be highly appreciated, please,” part of the letter reads.

Responding from his hideout, Mr Jaafar said he learnt on good authority that the police were planning to file “cybercrime charges” against him for exposing the governor’s corruption

Source:- Daily Nigerian

Wema Bank Opens Innovative Trainning School For Old And New Staff

In Nigeria, commercial banks have a considerably high number of training academies. In fact, out of the 22 registered commercial banks in the country, 17 have accredited academies.

As the demands for a better career experience increase, banks are beginning to focus on the learning experience of their people by investing in learning spaces that provide students and instructors with what they want and expect. For a long time, banks’ training institutes have typically functioned around rigidity. From their spatial architecture, learning modes, to furnishings, these spaces hardly allow for flexibility which is a core requirement for the learning space of the future.

A very good example of a corporate learning space that is future relevant and user-centered is the Wema Bank’s Purple Academy designed by Spacefinish. I experienced this learning space some weeks back and here are the things I noticed there:

A Flexible Space That Supports Active Learning

Learning spaces that are flexible enough to allow users learn how, where, and when they want will deliver more impact to professionals. By introducing elements like dynamic modular furniture into the design of the Purple Academy, Spacefinish ensures that users can enjoy endless configuration that accommodates peer-to-peer collaboration or focus work as their various learning situation demands.

Multi-functionality and Blended Learning

Corporate institutions need to reimagine their learning space to allow for blended learning which allows for physical and online learning experiences to take place at the same time. The Purple Academy boasts audiovisual features like screens on the wall and ceiling-mounted microphones to optimize the experience for remote learners. Also, the lecture theatre spots a collapsible wall that not only inspires users but also enhances the multi-functionality of the space.

Engendering Innovation Through Inspiration

Students and instructors want to be a part of something creative and inspiring. However, traditional learning space comes with a lot of inhibition in this regard by being bland and uninspiring. In designing the Purple Academy, Spacefinish infused copious inspiration touchpoints. The library in the Purple Academy reflects the influence of technology on libraries. To portray this, Spacefinish installed tablet-like bookshelves to show how educational materials can now be accessed through digital devices

Wema Bank’s Purple Academy really has shown that it has become paramount for corporate institutions like banks to reimagine their learning spaces. Through the intentional design of learning spaces that are flexible enough to promote collaboration and innovation easily, corporate institutions can be assured that professionals can become the best version of themselves

Source :- Spacefinish

Flags, Coats Of Arms, Symbols And Monuments Of Nigerian States (2021)

All Nigerian regions and territories had their own individual flags and symbols in 1960. This was also the case with the new states that were created in 1967. The state flags usually consisted of the Nigerian flag, with the state coat of arms in the middle of the flag.

However, the Murtala regime (c1975) discouraged the use of state flags. This was at a time that the military regimes of the 1970s were moving us closer to a unitary system by taking over state and private owned newspapers, television stations and universities. States were instead encouraged to use the Nigerian coat of arms, placed in a circle with the name of the state around it, as their symbol.

Some states (e.g., Lagos) resumed using their pre-1975 flags and coat of arms after the return to democracy in 1979.

The return to democracy again in 1999 has emboldened more states to design new flags and symbols (e.g., Cross River, Osun and Bayelsa). Some states have resumed using their pre-1975 flags (e.g., Kano and Lagos), while some states still use their military era symbols (eg Adamawa).

This thread contains flags, coats of arms, symbols and monuments of (1) Nigerian states (2) Nigeria (3) defunct states and regions of Nigeria (4) heads of state of Nigeria

Section 4 (2) of the flags and coat of arms act is still in force.

Source:- Nigerialaw.org

Nine Fleeing Inmates From Oweri Correctional Centre Re-Arrested In Ghana

NO fewer than nine fleeing inmates from Nigeria Correctional Centre have been re-arrested in Ghana, myjoynews has reported.

The inmates were arrested by the Ada District Police Command in the Greater Accra Region and were suspected to be part of over 1,800 inmates that escaped from the Imo State Correctional earlier this month.

According to the Police, the fleeing inmates were monitored following credible intelligence that they were about to cross the Volta River into Ada Foh on Sunday, April 18. They were eventually tracked to an area known as Clinic Junction Lorry Station from where they were arrested in Sprinter bus with registration number, ER 1657-14.

They are Freedom Yusuf, 25; Emmanuel Obinnah Chiedozie, 27; Steve Eyenuku, 33; Enebeli Lucky, 29; Yommi Usmah, 29; Kelli Ekureni, 33; Obi Onuora, 38; Patrick Chanar, 47, and Bless Eyenuku, 25.

They have been handed over to the Ghana Immigration Service in Tema to assist with investigations.

The ICIR had reported how some gunmen earlier this month razed Imo State Police Command headquarters.

Some vehicles parked at the command headquarters were also burnt down. It was gathered that the hoodlums further freed suspects in almost all the cells at the State Criminal Investigation Department of the command.

They also attacked Owerri Correctional Prison in Imo State capital and freed more than 1,800 inmates.

Authorities of the NCoS announced on Wednesday that it had recaptured 48 of the fleeing inmates.

Similarly, Akwa Ibom Police Command announced the arrest one of the fleeing inmates from the Owerri centre in a statement on Friday.

On Friday, the NCoS published the names and photographs of some of the fleeing inmates from Owerri centre.

Last week, the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) announced that it was enlisting the services of the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) to arrest more than 3,400 inmates still at large nationwide


COVID-19 Update For April 19 2021 In Nigeria

70 New COVID-19 Cases, 52 Discharged And 0 Deaths On April 19

70 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria;

On the 19th of April 2021, 70 new confirmed cases were recorded in Nigeria
Till date, 164303 cases have been confirmed, 154384 cases have been discharged and 2061 deaths have been recorded in 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory
The 70 new cases are reported from 5 states- Lagos (27), Kaduna (16), Ondo (16), Yobe (6), and Bauchi (5)
A multi-sectoral national emergency operations centre (EOC), activated at Level 2, continues to coordinate the national response activities

Akuapem Poloo: Son Doesn’t Know His Mum Is In Prison – Lawyer

Akuapem Poloo: Son Doesn’t Know His Mum Is In Prison – Lawyer

Lawyer to Ghanaian actress, Akuapem Poloo, Andrew Kudzo Vortia, has revealed that her seven-year-old son has no idea his mother has been sent to prison.

The lawyer revealed that he has informed the boy that his mother is playing a role in a movie and all what is happening currently is part of the movie she is acting.

Speaking on Joy Prime on the Prime Morning show, Lawyer Andrew Vortia said; “I have told him mummy is going to do some acting work. I have created an impression that what is happening is part of the role that she is playing. So the son thinks the mother is acting.”

He also revealed that he has offered to take good care of the boy while her mother is in prison for the next 90 days.

He revealed that he has an outside house where five orphans are currently being hosted there playing in the compound and to him, the boy will be comfortable over there. He also said that he is trying to shield the boy’s mind from whatever is going on from the boy.

“I took him to my outside residence. I have a house that hosts about five orphans so they are playing around my compound,” Mr. Vortia added.

However, Mr. Andrew Vortia has filed an appeal for the actress’s jail sentence by the Accra Circuit court. She was sentenced after pleading guilty to the charges leveled against her.

“Boyfriend-Girlfriend Of Today Is Not About Love But For Transaction” – Reno Omokri

“Boyfriend-Girlfriend Of Today Is Not About Love But For Transaction” – Reno Omokri

Celebrity author, Reno Omokri drops yet another bomb as he insists that boyfriend-girlfriend of nowadays is nothing but a transaction.

According to the self-acclaimed Buhari tormentor, the concept of a man and a woman seeing one another is simply a sexual exchange for money.

Taking to Twitter, Reno Omokri stated that the transaction is usually that of a cheap lady who meets with a sexually deprived man.

“Most relationships referred to as ‘dating’ or ‘boyfriend-girlfriend’ are in reality commercial escort services. A man needs sexual intimacy. A cheap girl provides it in exchange for money. It’s not love or a relationship. Call it what it really is!” he wrote.

BBNaija Star, Koko Puts Her Hot Body On Display In See Through Outfit (Photos/Video)

BBNaija Star, Koko Puts Her Hot Body On Display In See Through Outfit (Photos/Video)

Big Bother Naija star, Busayo Abiri popularly known as Koko, shared some photos of herself in see through two-piece outfit on her instagram page. She also shared videos of herself twerking on her instastory.

Apr 19, 2021

Man Arrested With 16 Wraps Of Cocaine In Delta

A suspected drug dealer identified as Obong Ebe has been apprehended by the Delta State Police Command after he was caught with alleged substances suspected to be cocaine.

Spokesperson of the command, DSP Edafe Bright, who disclosed this in a statement on Friday, April 16, said that the suspect was arrested by operatives of the Quick Response Team of the “A division” in Warri.

“On 15/04/2021 at about 1500hrs as part of the Commissioner of Police Delta state CP Ari Muhammed Ali’s resolve to take the battle to criminal elements by continuous raiding of black spots / criminal hideouts, the Divisional Police Officer a Division Warri CSP T.Y. Mahmud mobilized quick response team from ‘A’ Division Warri and stormed a black spot at Jeddo by Hausa Quarter.”

“One Obong Jeremiah Ebe (m) age 26yrs a native of Eseen Udim LGA of Akwa Ibom State was arrested with 16 wraps of substance suspected to be cocaine. The suspect is under custody. Investigation in progress.” 
 the statement reads.


PDP Asks DSS To Probe Pantami, Seeks Minister’s Sack

The Department of State has been urged to immediately probe the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami.

The call was made by the Peoples Democratic Party on Sunday. The party said Pantami should be invited for questioning over his alleged affiliations with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

The Party, in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, in Abuja, also demanded that the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari(retd.), should immediately sack the minister, given the sensitivity of the issue at stake.

The party said its position was predicated on the heightening concerns in the public space and in the international arena of possible compromises by the communication minister.

It noted that Pantami had access to sensitive government documents and information, in addition to data of all individuals including high profile personalities in the public and private sectors as well as the traditional and faith-based circles.

The statement partly read, “The PDP is particularly worried about allegations in the public suggesting that the minister compromised the NIN registration exercise by giving room for the registration of aliens and invaders from other countries as our citizens.

“The party tasks the DSS to investigate the allegation which has created apprehension, particularly given the rise in banditry and other terrorist activities in our country.

“The PDP urges Nigerians to remain at alert and very sensitive to their environment, while not hesitating in providing useful information to our security agencies in the interest of our nation”

“We Don’t Need Your Money,What We Need Is Your Forgiveness, “-Ada Jesus’ Mother Tells Odumeje

The mother of ailing comedienne, Ada Jesus’s mother has rejected the sum of one million naira given to her daughter by Prophet, Odumeje after he blatantly said he would not forgive her.

In a video shared on social media, the comedienne’s mother asked Odumeje to send his account number for them to refund the cash gift he gave to their daughter.

Yesterday, Prophet Odumeje, finally forgave Ada Jesus after she accused him and actress, Rita Edochie of performing fake miracles in his church.

The pastor in a video shared online, revealed that he has forgiven Ada Jesus while pleading with the public to desist from speaking against men of God.

He also gifted Ada Jesus’s family one million Naira and also promised to heal her if her ailment was beyond physical.

However, Ada Jesus’s mother has begged the prophet to send his account number for a refund of the money he gifted to the family.

According to her, what they wanted from the prophet was his forgiveness and not the money.

”Tell Pastor Odumeju to send his bank account number so we can transfer his money to him all we want is only his forgiveness.” She said.

See Video Below;

Another Nigerian Toby Olokodana Goes Missing in the UK (Photo)

A 28-year-old Nigerian man has gone missing in the United Kingdom.

The British-Nigerian, Toby Olokodana was declared missing in London by the Metropolitan Police in Newham.

He studied at Newham College and Cumberland Sports College, according to his bio on Facebook.

In a tweet on Sunday, the police said Olokodana disappeared from home at midnight on Saturday.

“Toby is autistic & has learning difficulties. He is known to frequent transport hubs & travel on trains. His family & police are concerned for his welfare. If seen please call 101 ref 2068/18Apr”, the police tweeted.

Recall that on 22 March, 19-year-old Nigerian Richard Okorogheye also went missing from his home in Ladbroke Grove.

His body was found inside a lake in Epping Forest on 5 April.

“Obaseki Couldn’t Have Come From The Blues To Say They Printed N60 billion” – Gov Wike Reacts To Allegations Made By Edo State Governor

Rivers state Governor, Nyesom Wike has defended Governor Godwin Obaseki after he revealed that the federal government printed N50-60 billion for states to share in March.

Addressing journalists on Sunday, April 18, Wike stated that Obaseki couldn’t have come from the blues to say the federal government printed N60 billion.

He also accused Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele of refusing to answer a question he was asked on printing of money and instead talked about bailout funds.

Wike Said;

“Obaseki was in APC, so he understands them. So, Obaseki couldn’t have come from the blues to say they printed N60 billion. He knows them.

“Instead of answering the question, he (Emefiele) said governors have to pay back the bailout loan. Bailout is a loan, if you want to take it, go and take it. But answer the question whether money was printed or not printed.”

IPOB Sends Serious Warning to Miyetti Allah Over Its Decision to Deploy 5000 Vigilantes to the South East

Plans by Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria to send 5,000 vigilantes to the South-East region has been condemned by the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB.

The Miyetti Allah group had recently announced it will be deploying the vigilantes to protect herders and their cattle in the South East.

In a statement released by its Director of Media and Publicity, Emma Powerful, IPOB said it was ready to resist the plan by Miyetti Allah, adding that the position of the cattle breeders association was an insult on Igbo land.

“The attention of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra has been drawn to the threat by Miyetti Allah to deploy 5,000 jihadists to Biafra land to protect their cows and herders following the floating of Ebube Agu security outfit by South-East governors.

We consider this utterance an insult to the entire Biafra and won’t tolerate it despite our grievances against the treacherous South-East governors and the political elite.

The Miyetti Allah and their terrorists group should know that they shouldn’t play God forever. They are trying to provoke ESN and IPOB to take a drastic action. IPOB and ESN are running out of patience with their insults.” he said

“Don’t Be Afraid, If You Are Not Meant To Die By Bullet, It Will Never Kill You” – Defence Minister To Soldiers Fighting Boko Haram

Bashir Magashi, the Minister of Defence, has appealed to soldiers combating Boko Haram in the North East not to be scared of bullets because even if they are in their home, they can still die by bullets.

The Boko Haram insurgency began in 2009, when the jihadist group Boko Haram started an armed rebellion against the government of Nigeria.

When Boko Haram’s insurgency was at its peak in the mid-2010s, it was called the world’s deadliest terrorist group, in terms of the number of people it killed.

As of today, over 50,000 people have died in the conflict with nearly 3 million other displaced from their homes and communities.

Speaking during a morale-boosting visit to the troops in Maiduguri, Borno state over the weekend, Magashi, a retired Brig.-Gen. said what should be on the minds of the troops while battling insurgents should be to secure the country.

“You should not be afraid of the bullet because it can even meet you in the house if it means you dying by it. But if you are not meant to die by the bullet, it will never kill you even at the heart of a war.”

The minister assured them of the government’s readiness to improve on their welfare.

Woman Who Bought Lobster Of 23k In Lagos Shocked To Find Just Shell

A lady got the shock of her life as she purchased a lobster worth 25,000 only for her to see just shell.

According to the lady on social media, the lobster she bought, was simply a surprise wrap of shell.

She claimed she paid “23k extra” for the lobster at a Lagos restaurant and took her package home.

However, when she unwrapped the lobster at home, she found only the shell.

She concluded that “Lagos restaurants are frauds.”

See what she wrote on social media below;

Danfo Buses Will Not Be Banned From Lagos State – Governor Sanwo-Olu

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has stated that the yellow buses popularly known as ‘danfo’ will not be banned from Lagos state but rather it would be remodelled to meet standards.

Recall that in February this year, the state Commissioner for Transportation, Frederick Oladeinde, said the yellow buses do not have a place in the transportation master plan of the state, suggesting that they would soon be scrapped by the Sanwo-Olu administration.

However, during an interview with Channels TV over the weekend, Governor Sanwo-Olu said it will be unfair to scrap ‘danfos’ as they have served Lagos residents for a long time.

“It will be unfair for us. These are important stakeholders. They served our citizens. They served Lagosians for a long time. It became the print of Lagos, the yellow buses.

Let’s be very creative. Let’s see how we can remodel them without scrapping them out. We are collaborating with them. You know that our citizens now deserve newer models of cars.” the governor said

On the mass transit buses that were destroyed during the #EndSARS protest in October 2020, Governor Sanwo-Olu said the state government is currently working with a local bus manufacturing company to replace the burnt ones. He said although the buses were insured, the insurance did not cover “unforeseen circumstances”.

“Absolutely, we are trying to replenish them, we have started the compensation and the interesting thing is that we are working with a local bus manufacturing company.

And it is going to come almost with the same specifications of the ones that were unfortunately destroyed so that Lagosians can have the same feel of the buses.

They were insured. Insurance will never cover you 100 percent.”

BBNaija: ‘Getting out of My Last Relationship Was The Happiest Moment of My Life’ – Ike Onyema

A former BBNaija housemate, Ike Onyema has given insight on his failed relationship with fellow reality star, Mercy Eke.

According to Ike, his happiest moment in life was when he got out of his last relationship.

This is coming at a time Mercy had some days ago confirmed the end of her relationship with the star.

Ike in a video he shared on his Instagram page, said that leaving his last relationship has been the happiest moment for him.

In his words:

”My happiest moment in life was when I got out of my last relationship. Freedom is something that you just can’t pay for”

Watch him speak below;

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E-Money, Obi Cubana And Jowizaza At Kcee’s 42nd Birthday Party

E-Money, Obi Cubana And Jowizaza At Kcee’s 42nd Birthday Party

See video below:

Cultists Kill 2 People At A Bar In Ifite Awka, Anambra (Graphic Photo)

As shared

Sunday 18 April turned out to be a black Sunday in ifite awka, as unknown gunmen walked into a bar and killed 2 young residents of ifite. Ifiterians stay indoors.

Ologbondiyan: Why Nigerians Are Rejecting Buhari’s Continuity Agenda

Kola Ologbondiyan, National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in this interview with TEMIDAYO AKINSUYI, speaks on latest developments in the polity, especiallly on the delay in signing the Electoral Act Amendment Bill with less than two years to the conduct of the 2023 general elections. Excerpts:

We understand that the rumoured presidential bid of Bukola Saraki, former Senate President is already causing ripples in your party as some members are saying he is ineligible based on his position as Chairman of Reconciliation and Strategy Committee. How true is that?

It is too early for anyone to say whether someone is eligible or not to contest as the party is yet to decide where it will zone the presidential ticket to. In the first place, How do they know if he (Saraki) is ineligible to contest or not? The party is yet to decide where we will zone the presidency to. After that is done, that is when we can say whether somebody is eligible or not.

But what about his campaign posters that are seen in strategic places in Abuja, including Wadata Plaza, your party’s secretariat?

On the issue of the campaign posters, we don’t know those behind it, though we have had cases in the past where posters were posted on behalf of people and pasted without the knowledge of the person they claim is contesting.I think the media aide of the former senate president has denounced the posters as handiwork of mischief makers. But as far as we are concerned in the party, our focus is on our off-season elections. We are concerned with engendering unity and peace among our members and leaders and we are also concerned about reconciliation. These are the challenges before the party now and that is what we working on.

President Muhammadu Buhari upon return from his medical vacation in the United Kingdom (UK) said Nigeria should expect ‘continuity’ from him. How did your party receive that statement?

The position of our party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is very clear and it is well articulated in the statement we issued after he said that. Our position is that we rejected in clear terms President Muhammadu Buhari’s declaration that Nigerians should expect continuity of his governance system, because Nigerians cannot afford more of the president’s misrule. Also, our party holds that whatever purpose his frame of mind on continuity was made to serve, it must not detach from the finality of his leaving office in on May 29, 2023. Moreover, Nigerians vehemently reject any idea of ‘continuity’ that pertains to failed economy, hunger and starvation, banditry, killings, terrorism, kidnapping, abuse of human rights, treasury looting, mindless borrowing and other vices that have characterized the APC administration under the watch of President Buhari.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in its reaction to the medical trip said that President Buhari is now re-energised and recommitted to executing the party’s lofty developmental objectives after his medical trip abroad. What is your take on that?

Like we said in our statement, the comment by the APC had already confirmed that our nation has indeed been on auto-pilot leading to shambolic state of affairs in the nation, escalation of violence and insecurity, wrecking of our national economy, policy inconsistency, entrenchment of corruption and impunity, with no hope in sight.As much as we recognise the humanity of all, our advice is that those at the helm of affairs must be honest enough not to take up assignments that are beyond their capacity. Now that Mr. President is re-energized, his handlers have no further excuses on his failure to lead from the front as he promised, in the fight against terrorists and insurgents, whose activities escalated under his watch.

Our party therefore expects the re-energized President Buhari as the Commander-In-Chief to immediately proceed to Zamfara, Borno, Kaduna, Adamawa and other states where terrorists have practically taken over communities on account of the failures of his administration. Mr. President should also immediately address the nation on how he intends to pay back the huge foreign loans his administration had collected in the last six years, for which the future of our nation has been mortgaged.

The ‘re-energised’ President is also expected to forcefully commence the recovery of over N15 trillion reportedly stolen by APC leaders from government agencies including the NNPC, NEMA, EFCC, NDDC among others. Our party insist that Mr. President must henceforth take responsibility and end his excuse of not always being aware of issues in our country.

There has been a back and forth between Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo state and the Minister of Finance over the allegation by the Governor that the federal government had to print N60 billion which was used to beef up the meagre revenue available for distribution for the month of March. What is your party’s reaction to this?

For failing the full disclosure test, the PDP demands that the Minister of Finance should immediately be relieved of her position, while the President accepts responsibility for the indiscriminate printing of currency in our Naira. Our party implores President Buhari to save our nation by allowing better hands to manage and salvage our economy before it is too late

The admission by CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, that the apex bank had been printing money at the bidding of government, had vindicated our earlier stand that the Buhari-led APC administration was characterised by concealments, deceit and falsehood.

We are also commending Governor Obaseki for speaking out. As a financial expert, he is not known for flippancy, and therefore must be commended for his act of patriotism in exposing the dire economic situation our nation has been plunged under the Buhari administration.

A situation where the federal government cannot articulate and implement policies favourable to wealth creation but resorting to borrowing and indiscriminate printing of currency notes, only goes to further confirm that the Buhari administration lacks the credibility and capacity to run a nation.

Indeed, the admission by the CBN governor that ‘Nigeria is unfortunately in a very bad situation’ further justifies our position that the Buhari-led APC administration has wrecked the economy of our nation.

Our party is worried over the huge negative impact of indiscriminate printing of currency which has led to the unprecedented rise in inflation rate to 18.17% as disclosed by the Bureau of National Statistics (NBS) on Thursday.

This situation has led to further economic hardship with surging prices and fallen purchasing power throwing millions of families in distress and unable to afford the basic necessities of life.

On this note, our party is calling out President Buhari to come clean on the amount that had been printed so far by the CBN to finance the deficit caused by the financial mismanagement of his government as well as what the funds had been used for.

President Buhari failed to assent to the Electoral Act Bill in 2019. With less than two years to the 2023 presidential election, do you think the Bill which is still with the National Assembly will see the light of the day?

As a party, we constituted a committee on Electoral Reforms chaired by Senator Ike Ekweremadu, who incidentally had been the chairman of Electoral and Constitution Review Committee of the Senate over a period of time, and who is also a member of the committee of the national assembly for the same purpose.
So, we are waiting for their report that will be submitted to us by the Ekweremadu committee as a guidance to the steps that the party will further take. Since the president will not be contesting in 2023, it is the expectation of our party that he will sign the Electoral Act amendment this time.

Source:- Independent Ng

Terrorism Financing: Dozens Arrested In Nationwide Crackdown

Dozens of persons have been arrested by security agents in an ongoing nationwide crackdown on suspected financiers and collaborators of Boko Haram and other criminal groups in Nigeria, Daily Trust reports.

This is coming five months after Daily Trust exclusively reported jailing of six Nigerians in the United Arab Emirates over allegations of terrorism financing.

The ongoing inter-agency operation is being led by a top intelligence officer, with an army general leading a task team comprising military personnel and staff from intelligence services.

Multiple sources informed Daily Trust that the closely-guarded operation is being coordinated by Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), in collaboration with the Department of State Services (DSS), Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

As part of the operation, billions of naira traced to businesses belonging to persons of interest have been blocked in banks in series of “post no debit” letters sent out to banks by the CBN and NFIU. The apex bank has also lately obtained court orders directing freezing of dozens of accounts flagged for suspicious transactions.

While officials expressed hope that the ongoing operation would be a “game-changer” in the lingering fight against Boko Haram insurgents and other criminal gangs, some analysts say the method may not provide the needed elixir as terrorists and bandits operate largely outside the financial system.

A security source familiar with the operation confided in our reporter that the operation started last year with massive gathering and analysis of financial intelligence and drawing uplink analysis, leading to initial marking of some 60 businesses and individuals.

A source disclosed to Daily Trust that an initial list of 957 suspects comprising bureau de change operators, gold miners and sellers, and other businessmen is being acted upon.

Already, according to the source, about 400 persons have been arrested in series of arrests in Kano, Borno, Abuja, Lagos, Sokoto, Adamawa, Kaduna and Zamfara.

In Kano, a major focus for the operation, traders at the foreign exchange open market in Wapa, Fagge Local Government, were picked up on March 9, 15th and 16th.

Prominent among the BDC operators arrested in the state include Baba Usaini, Abubakar Yellow (Amfani), Yusuf Ali Yusuf (Babangida), Ibrahim Shani, Auwal Fagge, and a gold dealer, Muhammad Lawan Sani.

Four of the arrested BDC operators were related to two persons jailed in Dubai last year on similar charges.

Those arrested are being kept in military and DSS facilities in Abuja and other places, even as their families and lawyers decry the continued detention of the suspects without trial or informing them of their offences.

Daily Trust gathered that dozens of businessmen who were netted in were invited to DSS offices and military barracks in their states from where they were cut off from the outside world.

Family members who spoke to a Daily Trust reporter said they could not establish the locations where their loved ones were being held as they were neither briefed by officials nor were the suspects allowed to contact their families.

The operation was said to have received presidential nod last year, and approval by President Muhammadu Buhari for the exercise to be conducted out of the established bureaucracy.

“Because this is economic warfare against the insurgents and other militant groups, the president, when approving the operation directed that the NFIU take the lead as the country’s financial intelligence powerhouse.

“With the presidential approval, a task team was composed made up of personally selected senior officers who were deployed under the DIA to carry out the special assignment,” a senior government official told Daily Trust.

One official involved in the operation, who however craved for anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue, said the operation has recorded immense success with the arrest of key persons with “direct” link to bandits and insurgents.

“The main person coordinating the funding ring for Boko Haram is in our custody, he and his closest ally in the business,” he said.

According to the source, about 19 BDCs owned by persons with “direct connection with Boko Haram” were uncovered, while over N300 billion was found to have been pumped into the funding of terrorism in the country.

The source disclosed that from one person in Borno State and another in Zaria, Kaduna State, over N50 billion were traced in funding to the armed groups.

“A number of those arrested have divulged vital information including operational details of bandits and Boko Haram insurgents. But they are being kept to aid further arrests,” he said.

According to him, not all the affected businessmen arrested were members of the criminal gangs but many of them were involved in it as a business.

Soldiers in the net
Daily Trust gathered that when the operation started last year, one of the initial focus was to round up collaborators of Boko Haram insurgents among security agents.

“About 20 of them were arrested in Borno and detained. In the course of interrogation they revealed a lot including the identity of some of their civilian collaborators who were also arrested,” a source said.

In addition to the initial arrest in the military, Daily Trust gathered that fresh arrests were made of military officers in Borno and other places as part of the expansion phase of the operation.

The ongoing operation, Daily Trust gathered is the first phase of activities lined up by the task team to crack the riddle of how Boko Haram, kidnappers and other criminals fund their operations and launder the proceeds.

As part of the operation, CBN has upped the ante in tracking suspicious transactions and malpractices leading to mass closure of bank accounts identified as undertaking suspicious transactions.

Last week, the bank announced the freezing of 193 corporate and individual bank accounts over allegations of suspicious forex transactions. This is in addition to 138 accounts frozen in February.

In a February 24, 2021 memo to commercial banks from the CBN, which was sighted by our reporter, the apex bank directed the banks to “place the accounts of the under listed customers on Post-No-Debit with immediate effect”. The bank did not give reasons for the order.

Operators of the accounts, mostly international businessmen decry the sudden measure without fair hearing. Some of the affected traders, Daily Trust gathered, are businessmen who import wares from China. One of them, a Kaduna-based businessman, Alhaji Sani Polo, is said to have over N200 million, including bank loans, trapped in his accounts.

Measure may not yield results – Expert

An anti-money laundering specialist, Umar Yakubu, told Daily Trust that the ongoing operation maybe applying the wrong medicine for the disease of terrorism financing.

According to him, finances for outlawed groups like Boko Haram do not usually come in through the banking system, making it difficult to trace through the use of banks’ Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs).

He said the way to crack the financial transactions of criminal elements like insurgents and their collaborators is through informal tracking through “raw, old school investigation technique” which require life time intelligence on people’s lifestyle to identify persons getting rich overnight.

Yakubu further explained that the security agencies should tackle the problem by putting more emphasis on the country’s borders, which he described as porous and easy passage for money and other logistics.

Family, friends defend suspects

Relatives and associates of the arrested businessmen, however, insisted that they were innocent of allegations.

“There is no way they will finance or aid anything criminal,” said a businessman in the market, Mohammed Sani.

He said because their line of trade involves dealing with all manner of people, it is therefore difficult to know the real background and identify of a customer.

Sani urged for a thorough investigation to establish the real truths, especially by establishing if those arrested were conscious of the identity of the persons they were alleged to have helped, or not. Sani Ali Yusuf, whose two brothers and two cousins were among those arrested described the allegations against his siblings as untenable.

He said persons engaged in an illegal transaction like terrorism financing are likely to be “few and secretive, not this prominent and so many”.

“Most of the people arrested are prominent businessmen at Wapa. I am sure if there will be a thorough investigation, they will find out that this is not true,” he said.

“Financing terrorism or even money laundering is not something my brothers engage in.

“Of course in their line of business, as I understand it, a criminal may come forth and they deal with him without them knowing. It is like a transporter who is given some goods to transport. If cartons are given to them in the name of fish, he has no way of finding out if indeed it was fish that was inside or something else,” he said.

Be fair, speedy in investigation – ABCON

President of the Association of Bureau de Change Operators of Nigeria (ABCON), Alhaji Aminu Gwadabe, appealed to the authorities concerned to speed up investigation on the issue in order “for those who are culpable to face the law and the innocent ones to be released”.

He said his association supports any measure by the government in fighting illegalities, but asked the authorities to be careful so that those who are innocent do not suffer unnecessarily. He confirmed arrests of a number of the association’s members in places such as Kano, Abuja, Sokoto, Zamfara, Niger and Borno, saying the association was following a “non-confrontational approach” to resolve the issue.

“The issue is very dicey that is why we are being careful. It is an issue that started from a foreign country and that is why the presidency took it with all seriousness also.”

Gwadabe said efforts by officials of the association to meet the incarcerated members of ABCON was resisted, even after the initial promise of access by the DSS.

DSS mum

Spokesperson of the DSS, Peter Afunaya, when contacted on Friday, promised to make findings on the issue and revert to our reporter. He, however, did not get back as of the time of filing this report. He did not respond to a text message sent to him to follow up and ignored repeated phone calls thereafter.

It’s a military affair – NFIU

An official of the NFIU, Sani Tukur, referred Daily Trust to the military saying the agency has no mandate to “arrest or investigate anybody”.

I’m unaware – Army spokesperson

Spokesperson for the Nigerian Army, Major General Mohammed Yerima, said he was not aware of the arrest of army officers in connection with allegation of collaboration with Boko Haram elements.

He also referred the question on the military’s involvement in the operation to the DSS, saying issues to do with arrests on charges of terrorism financing is under the purview of the DSS

Source:- Daily Trust

Before I Fled Boko Haram’s Den, Many Chibok Schoolgirls Were Pregnant – Escapee

A student of the College of Business and Management Studies in Konduga, Juliana Christopher, who was kidnapped by Boko Haram, has said she saw many Chibok girls in the insurgents’ camp.

He added that many small girls were either pregnant or nursing children belonging to the insurgents.

Christopher, in an interview with The PUNCH, said he spent three weeks in Boko Haram camp after the insurgents, who were dressed in military uniforms, stormed her school in Borno State and abducted her.

She explained that after she and her colleagues were kidnapped by the insurgents, they took them into the forest, where she saw other victims who were pregnant and nursing babies of the Boko Haram insurgents.

She said, “On reaching their camp, we met many young girls there and the whole place was in disarray. It was in 2014 and I was in the Boko Haram camp for three weeks. We met Chibok girls in the camp. While in the camp, I saw so many small girls, who were kidnapped. Some were being molested.

“Some were carrying children, while others were pregnant for the Boko Haram insurgents. It was a disgusting thing. Fortunately for me and some other girls, we escaped from the forest and found our way back to Chibok.”

My abduction led to my father’s death, now I can’t continue education –Konduga student, who escaped from Boko Haram captivity
She explained that her father took ill shortly after she was kidnapped, adding that efforts to rescue him proved abortive.

She said, “On getting to Chibok, I found the whole community in a state of confusion; so, I asked after my parents and was told that my father took ill when he heard about my abduction and my mother took him to the hospital in Maiduguri. I set out to go and look for them in Maiduguri, but I could not go far because the road was blocked and no movement was allowed, except for military vehicles; in that process, my father died.

“When I heard about my father’s condition, I became worried and tried to locate my parents in the hospital, not knowing that he was already dead. When I eventually got to the hospital in Maiduguri, my mother had conveyed my father’s corpse to Chibok for burial, so my mother said I should stay back to avoid another kidnap.
“That was how I got to this camp. I couldn’t continue with my education, because my mother alone could not take care of my schooling and that of my other siblings.”

Source:- Punch Ng

Sanwo-Olu Speaks On Projects Lagos State Is Embaking On

“Lagos is the first Sub-National that has taken up a Rail Project.. It is audacious” – @jidesanwoolu

“We should see the rail movement by the last quarter of Next Year” – @jidesanwoolu

“We have just awarded the navy town road” – @jidesanwoolu

“There are big investments we are doing on road infrastructure in all the senatorial districts” – @jidesanwoolu

“We are doing the reconstruction of the whole Adeniji Adele” – @jidesanwoolu

We are building 15 jetties at the moment” – @jidesanwoolu

[DANFO BUSES]: “It would be be unfair to use the word SCRAP, what we need to to is to collaborate, what we need is to work together and be more creative” – @jidesanwoolu

“We have signed an agreement with an international automobile company, to have their assembly plant in Lagos” – @jidesanwoolu

“We are working with a local bus manufacturing company to replace the buses destroyed” – @jidesanwoolu

We have moved over 200,000 people via water in less than one year, says Governor Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State.


#CTVTweets https:///HJQOLUHIEu

Road projects take about 55-60 per cent of Lagos capital expenditure yearly, says Governor Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State.



We are currently building the biggest children’s hospital in Lagos” – @jidesanwoolu

“We are building 3000km of Fibre connectivity across the State” – @jidesanwoolu

“For the first time in 15 years, we are building 3 Brand New Schools, from scratch” – @jidesanwoolu

Lagos is partnering with a local bus assembling plant to replace the buses. Same standards, same specification. – @jidesanwoolu on buses burnt during the Post #EndSARS violence

“Lekki deep sea port is one of the major long term solutions to the Apapa gridlock. Good news is that the Lekki sea will be ready in the first quarter of 2022.” Gov @jidesanwoolu

ONGOING: “A mega city of Lagos size can’t rely on one means of transportation. It’s unfair.” Governor @jidesanwoolu on @seunokin Sunday Politics.

@gbenga_omo @segunfafore 

We are currently doing about 5 thousand people on our water ways in Lagos, the goal to get to about 60 to 70 thousand in the near future.

[email protected]

“Lekki deep sea port is one of the major long term solutions to the Apapa gridlock. Good news is that the Lekki sea will be ready in 2022” – @jidesanwoolu

[OPERATION 377]: “We are doing a project in every ward across the State, Over 60% of the projects are road construction” – @jidesanwoolu

“We should see the rail movement by the last quarter of next year. Before the end of my tenure, Lagosians should start commuting via rail in the state” – @jidesanwoolu #PoliticsToday

“The whole idea of the red line is for people to have transportation choices in Lagos State” – @jidesanwoolu #PoliticsToday

[STATE POLICE]: “It is Long Overdue” – @jidesanwoolu

Gov. SanwoOlu said they’ve provided N1B trust fund for the tourism industry & others as support.

Abeg, make this money go round o.

“While the FG is taking people out of Lagos to other parts of the country, the red line will deal with intra city rail network.” – @jidesanwoolu #PoliticsToday

[STATE POLICE]: Governor @jidesanwoolu explains what the State is already doing in terms of security and the costs the state is already incurring by supporting the Lagos Police Command, supplying Constabulary officers to support police, Neighborhood Safety Corps supporting too

[AMOTEKUN]: “I’ve got over 7000 neighborhood watch personnel in Lagos, doing exactly what the newly formed Amotekun is doing. So it’s just a name change in the case of Lagos. I appreciate what my colleague Governors are doing …” – @jidesanwoolu