May 26, 2020

You Can’t Be A Pastor And Be Dressing Like Gangster – Evangelist Blasts Adeboye’s Son

A Nigerian Evangelist, Victor Edet has slammed Pastor Adeboye’s son, Leke, for ‘ dressing like a gangster’ in a new photo that surfaced on social media.

Evangelist Edet said a man of God should dress in a way that honours God and questioned Leke’s fashion sense.

Sharing the above photo, Mr. Edet wrote ;

“I was shocked and shut of word’s after seeing this picture, how can a Pastor be wearing a face cap this way? God of mercy, what is the church turning into? Leke Adeboye should be cautioned seriously and he should be called to order. You can’t be a Pastor and be dressing like a gangster.”

Why I Decided To Help Cynthia Morgan – Davido

Nigerian pop star Davido opened up on why he decided to assist embattled rapper Cynthia Morgan, despite being rude to him in the past.

The dancehall rapper was in the news days back after she appeared on an Instagram Live chat, where she revealed that her former record label boss, Jude Okoye was responsible for her hiatus in the music industry after he allegedly ‘took’ everything that belongs to her, including the rights to her name.

Her plight appealed to some celebrities who reacted by lending support to ensure she gets her career back on track.

One of these celebrities is Davido who offered to help her by featuring her on a new song he’s working.

“Tell Cynthia I got an anthem for her ….. I’ll record my verse now” he shared.

Davido’s gesture sparked a lot of reactions as while some people were awed by his generousity, others accused him of being a clout chaser.

Some were even perturbed as to why he’d helped the songstress given that some years back, she was hostile towards him.

The singer has now come out to state the reason why he decided to help out Cynthia Morgan.

“Most important thing is that she has spoken and people are willing to help and she can be able to rewrite her steps and have another chance. That’s all that matters”, he wrote on Twitter.

Blossom Chukwujekwu’s Ex-wife, Maureen Esisi Reacts After She Was Called Barren

Nollywood actor, Blossom Chukwujekwu’s ex-wife, Maureen Esisi has broken her silence after a lady claimed her marriage crashed because she was barren and promiscuous.

Speaking on the allegation, Esisi cautioned the accuser against making such a false claim saying she was never promiscuous in the marriage that lasted for just a year and it would be nice if people face their business as no one was with her in the marriage.

Read her post below:

“Shit I Receive Daily… First Scape Goat!!!!!… When will this End???… The Relationship Sailed almost a Year ago.. Can y’all negative people move past it??? Please?????? Enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is calm, But me I am not well oooooo… I have been trying to face front for a while now but y’all keep making me mad Asf!!!!!! Have sense ooo,

My name is Red ooo, I don’t just Bark, I Dey bite ooo… Don’t “thought” and come near me hence forth, you didn’t liv in that marriage with Us and u must be Foolish to even believe anything those so called “authentic” blogs wrote… ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Maureen recently revealed in a social media post that one of the things she would love to have is a child.

Dwayne Johnson The Rock Plays Davido’s Song At 2am, Singer Reacts (Video)

There’s joy in the camp of loyal fans and followers of Nigerian singer Davido as Hollywood star Dwayne John gives him a shout out.

Dwayne who is popularly known as The Rock took to his Instagram page to talk about a challenge he was nominated for. While speaking, he mentioned the name of the Blow My Mind crooner, alongside international musicians.

According to him, while he is doing the challenge he puts on the music of Davido and other artistes even as early as 2am in the morning. And as The Rock spoke, one could hear Davido’s music in the background.

Watch The Video Below

BBNaija’s Kim Oprah Shines In Red As Shey Slays

BBNaija’s Kim Oprah Shines In Red As Shey Slays

As shared by BBNaija’s Kim Oprah on instagram…

‘How AY Comedian Rejected Olamide Only To Come Back Begging After He Became Popular’ – Toni Payne

Popular talent manager, Toni Payne, has shared the story how AY Comedian refused to allow Olamide perform at his show, but came back to beg for favor after he had become famous.

 She was sharing a memory how some people refuse to help others to make it in the industry. Happily, Olamide’s case turned out well as he made it without AY’s help. 

According to her, she had a smooth working relationship with AY, and when Olamide was coming up, she approached the comedian to allow the young singer perform in his show. 

He is said to have turned her down, only for him to come back a year after to beg for Olamide’s performance in his show. See what she wrote on her Instagram stories below; “Lol… I was speaking to a friend today and it reminded me of one story when I was managing Olamide… I stopped speaking to comedian AY cos of this incident and honestly till today, I’m glad I did cos I don’t like people with that sort of character.So me and AY used to be cool. I’d done favors for him in the past, no big deal. When Olamide was coming up, I decided to ask cash in a favor and ask if Olamide could perform at his show even if it’s for a minute.Omo, see ela.

The man refused to give the boy a chance. It pained me ehn. I took the L and lamented for weeks. Lmao! No wahala, we sha kept it pushing. Anyways fast forward to the next year, Olamide had started doing well and guess who conveniently needed a favor, and wanted Olamide to perform? Oga comedian.

This is the same guy that turned Ola down cos he wasn’t big now looking for “friend of the house” performance. See ehn, it’s ok to turn him down, nothing is by force but don’t come back later looking for a favor from that same person you underrated. It makes you look like a user. IMO!I told Cabasa he must pay but Cabasa, as per man of God, said to just free him and I had to respect that. Left to me, lol…I would have charged him that day and at double our rate. Glory be to God sha cos if man na God ……See ehn, no one born of man can stop anything God has planned for you.I’m always very proud when I see Olamide thriving cos the road was fucking hard. I knew his talent couldn’t be hidden for long sha so all na time.

Lemme not talk of the day one boy carried him and Gabriel Afoloyan to I think Ogun state and I showed that one that, emi Osha, on my watch, no one I’m managing is to be messed with.”

May 25, 2020

Sterling Bank To Work With Cynthia Morgan

Hey Cynthia Morgan, we have followed your story and believe there is a bright future ahead of you. We would like to work with you on our ONE BANK campaign. Please get in touch by DM.

Mercy Eke Is Beautiful, But Her Mouth Is Dirty – Lady

A Nigerian lady identified as Abebi has cautioned BBNaija star, Mercy Eke after throwing a shade at her on latest social media platform, ‘tiktok’.

 In Abebi’s opinion, Mercy Eke is a beautiful woman, but she has a foul and ‘dirty’ mouth. She said whenever Mercy Eke opens her mouth, it smells like dirt. 

In her words: “Mercy Eke is obviously a beautiful woman, but when she opens her mouth, you know, it’s like dirt, dirt”.

Zion Balogun Is A Stunt Rider

Wizkid‘s third and most adored son, Zion Balogun whom he had with his manager Jada Pollock has proven to be a stunt rider in new adorable video.

Zion’s father, Wizkid who was excited about his son’s great riding skills shared short video clips of the young lad riding on his official Instagram page today.

In the video, the camera opened up on Zion who pulled up from an adjacent view.
Emerging on top of a toy bike, Zion could be seen making attempts to start up the little machine.

When he finally brought the bike to life, he rode in a stunt-like and unsteady manner, matching his brake at the shortest intervals while pressing the horn device uncontrollably.

BBNaija’s “Kim Oprah” Let Out Cleavage As She Steps Out In New Photo

BBNaija’s “Kim Oprah” Let Out Cleavage As She Steps Out In New Photo

As shared by BBNaija’s “Kim Oprah” on instagram…

Mercy and Ike Season 1 Episode 5: “If You Want To End Things With Me, Pay Me Off”

Mercy and Ike Season 1 Episode 5: “If You Want To End Things With Me, Pay Me Off”

Last week’s episode left the viewers wondering what would become of Mercy and Ike’s relationship upon Mercy’s return from London.

Read on to find out the juicy details! 

We see Mercy and her siblings, Promise and Chigozie having a conversation at Mercy’s house and showing the viewers how strong their family bond is. Mercy couldn’t contain her excitement to be finally reunited with Ike and to reassure him everything will turn out fine. As Ike made his way to Mercy’s house, he let the viewers know that he couldn’t pick up Mercy from the airport due to the situation concerning the video and photograph of her with Willy XO.

When Ike arrived, Mercy wanted to know if he had problems with her visiting her friends because he didn’t seem to have issues in the past. Ike mentioned that if he knew she was going to put on a show, he wouldn’t have allowed her to go and he felt she did it on purpose. Mercy went on to defend her actions by saying Willy XO is a genuine friend. While the duo continued to have a heated conversation, Mercy brought to the attention of the viewers that the people who are determined to put a wedge in their relationship are only hurting Ike not her and they need to see that he’s pained. Mercy also mentioned she doesn’t want to be in a family that doesn’t appreciate her, she expressed how mad she was that everyone is adamant that she travelled to London with an agenda and she doesn’t want to reach the point where she’s with Ike because she pities him. 

Ike expressed that he really wants to be with Mercy and needed to know if they were on the same page. Mercy also expressed how much she loves Ike, but he always seems to choose money over her. Ike went on to let the viewers know that if Mercy wants to end things with him, she needs to pay him off. Mercy voiced that she feels Ike would leave her once another rich lady comes along and that he might be with her for his own selfish reasons.

Ike urged Mercy to unfollow Willy XO, because he felt this would help their relationship move forward. Once Ike saw Mercy’s reaction to what he had asked her to do, he realized Mercy wasn’t willing to sacrifice for him. Mercy knew Ike asked her to unfollow Willy XO due to comments made by others and she wasn’t going to do it to please them. After a back and forth between the two, Mercy finally gave in then proceeded to re-enter her house slamming the door behind her. She broke down, talking about how she’s hurting but also, she tends not to display her feelings all over social media and she could see how Ike is hurting too.

Ike is back at his house with his cousin, discussing scheduling photoshoots and the situation between him and Mercy. He made it clear to his cousin that he doesn’t want Mercy to have anything to do with Willy XO and he felt he has crossed the line by taking the photograph. He also stated that Mercy needs to handle the situation online before she comes back to him. The conversation concluded with him wanting to focus on what can bring in more revenue. 

Mercy had time to reflect on the previous conversation between her and Ike, and she felt that everything is getting worse. Mercy organized a rendezvous with her besties to take her mind off things. Whilst Mercy was getting ready with the help of her personal assistant, she was surprised to receive a phone call from a fan. Mercy made the decision to answer the call and make conversation. During the call, Mercy felt the fan was more interested in the well-being of Ike not her and that the fan’s tone gave off the impression she handled the situation wrong. 

Mercy and her besties, Tracy, Mimi and Tara hung out at Landmark beach to discuss personal issues. But before they did, Mercy helped in putting an end to a quarrel between two of her friends because she holds friendship in high regard. Mercy went on to ask the girls what they thought about Ike, and they had a lot to say. Her friends felt Ike is manipulative, he doesn’t fight for Mercy as he should, he doesn’t reciprocate love, he puts Mercy through emotional stress and Tracy even went as far as jokingly saying “What is Ike?”. Mercy lets the viewers know that her friends always want the best for her, and they’ve been through a lot on social media with people showering them with insult and how Ike hasn’t done anything to address that online. Although Ike’s faults were pointed out by her friends, Mercy still defended him by making them aware of how nice he is and the love she has for him. 

Don’t you worry, the next episode is not too far away! Catch it next Sunday on Africa Magic Showcase channel 151 at 6:30 pm and watch out for the repeat on Mondays on Africa Magic Urban, DStv channel 153 at 9:30 pm.

For those on DStv Family and Access as well as GOtv Jolli and Max, you can catch episode 5 on Sunday, 31st May at 6 pm on Africa Magic Family DStv channel 153 and GOtv channel 2.

Celebrity Polygamist, Musa Mseleku Speaks On How he S3xually Satisfies His Four Wives

South Africa’s celebrity polygamist Musa Mseleku has spoken about how he satisfies his four wives.

When asked how he sexually satisfies the women, he said that he relies on prayers to achieve this monumental feat.

“ I use prayers as a weapon to give my 4 wives sexual pleasure.

“God gives me strength as I go to bed. I believe when God created me he had all these plans in mind, so the strength to sexually satisfy my wives comes from Him,” he said.

Musa Mseleku:

He has ten kids at the moment and he has a popular reality tv in South Africa that discuss polygamy and the show has cult followership in the country.

Before Coronavirus struck, he announced that he is looking for wife number 5 and then announced that he needed ten women in his country to go on date with him so he can select the 5th wife.

But before any of the ten women will proceed on the date, they are expected to pay 5,000 rands before the date happens.

Instead of ten women as Originally advertised, over one thousand women paid for 5,000 rands to go for the date with the serial polygamist, it has been claimed.

Check Out What This Model Did With Face Mask To Fight Covid-19

Check Out What This Model Did With Face Mask To Fight Covid-19

According to a Cotonou, Benin republic photographer “Joannes Mawuna”, this is his own way of supporting the fight against Covid-19 where a model had to go almost unclad, covering her private parts with face mask…

Why I Can Never Bring P-Square Back Together – Jude Okoye

Former manager of defunct P-Square, Jude Okoye has revealed why he will never bring back the formidable music group.

He spoke in an Instagram live chat with Tunde Ednut.

Jude Okoye claimed that Peter Okoye instigated the P-Square’s split, which happened in 2017. He also made it clear that he had tried everything humanly possible to settle the rift.

“Peter has a problem with me. I have asked him several times what the problem is but he refused to say. How can I bring P-Square back when I’m the one they don’t want in the picture?

“There is nothing humanly possible that someone can do that I haven’t done. I came to a point when I said even if it means sacrificing myself from the picture. No problem, let them both be.

“Whether or not they come back should not be my business anymore. I was wanted out of the picture. I’m now out,” he said.

Nobody Owes You Anything’ – Yemi Alade’s Record Label Boss Tells Cynthia Morgan

Yemi Alade’s record label boss, Taiye Aliyu has reacted to the trending saga between embattled singer, Cynthia Morgan and her former record label’s boss, Jude Okoye.

Taiye Aliyu, has stated that there are always two sides to a story. While commending Jude Okoye for helping to shape the music business in Africa, he also said that Cynthia’s former manager, Joy Tongo, was a good person.

The Effyzie Music CEO however told Cynthia Morgan to own up to her mistakes and grow as no one owes her anything.

His words:

“Artists are human beings, #cynthiamorgan own up to your mistakes and grow.

I have spoken and done business with Jude Okoye and @joytongo so many times they are good people, there is always 2 sides to a story and then there is the TRUTH. Do your research.

Nobody owes you anything, the #JUDEOKOYE template for management and labels in Nigerian Entertainment works well over time, only if you are patient. Don’t be naive, people jumping into conclusion.

Nobody, i repeat owes you nothing …. don’t bring your naive self here. People cannot own businesses because they don’t know how it works and are not patient enough to watch it grow. I want to thank baba @judeengees , for being part of the young CEO’s that have helped to shape Music business in #AFRICA. Also @joytongo has been a major force for Nigerian Artists touring the USA. Thank you Facts

No self pity here, we need to research first before you try to rip people’s integrity apart. When @judeengees speaks about his journey so far his is blunt, If he has messed up he says it clearly. We all need to grow this industry, let’s call a spade a spade, not a big spoon.

Common sense ….. is not common. The winning formula is to build good character –?it takes time, money, humility, loyalty, consistency and God.”

Davido Is Not Helping Cynthia Morgan Because He Cares, He Is A Clout Chaser – Twitter Influencer

A Nigerian Twitter user, Irunnia has lambasted Davido after he offered to help Cynthia Morgan.

Davido took the decision after video of Cynthia Morgan in a bad condition went viral.

However, a Twitter user is not buying Davido’s act.

According to the Irunnia, Davido only wants to help Cynthia Morgan now because she is currently the center of attention. He also called the DMW boss a clout chaser.

Read his tweets below:

“Davido is a clout chaser. The only reason he wants to help Cynthia Morgan now is because she is currently the center of attention. He likes being at the center of everything.

When she was suffering and she wasn’t the center of attention why didn’t he help her then?

He isn’t helping because he cares, he just wants to be in the news. And that’s why he always publicize it.

Check most of the time Davido dey fake help with his gumbody. It’s always with people in the news but he always disguise it like he cares. Hypocrisy !!!”

Nigerian Dancer, Kaffy Loses Mother At 82

Nigerian choreographer and dancer, Kafayat Shafau-Ameh also known as Kaffy has lost her mother.

Kaffy made the announcement on her Instagram page earlier today, where she shared a video of her mum and herself dancing.

She went to announce that her mother had passed away at the age of eighty-two

“Mama has gone to Rest! #82,” she wrote.

Kaffy was born and raised in Nigeria . She completed her primary education at Chrisland School, Opebi and her secondary school education at Coker Secondary School, Orile-Iganmu before attending Yaba College of Technology for a while and went on to obtain a diploma in data processing from Olabisi Onabanjo University.

She grew up with the aim of becoming an Aeronautic Engineer.

Kaffy’s dancing career took off after she went to an event to perform onstage by someone who spotted her when she used to go to the National Stadium during weekends for dance rehearsals and workouts.

In 2006, Kaffy led her dance group to break the Guinness Book of Record for “Longest Dance Party” after they danced for 55hours and 40minutes. She is currently a dance instructor who has developed innovative visualisation-based methods for teaching dance and dance fitness in an accelerated-learning format. She is also the founder and owner of Imagneto Dance Company.

I Will Never Again Do Wifey Duties For A Boyfriend” – BBNaija’s Uriel Cries Out

A former big brother Naija housemate, Uriel Oputa has revealed why she will never do wifey duties for a boyfriend again.

She took to her Instalive to make the revelation.

According to the singer and entrepreneur, men don’t know what they want and she cannot make the same mistake twice.

“There are so many good girls out there and they are single, me I am one of them, but you are right, if I am to meet anybody right now, me that I like to cook very well, you will not catch me cooking in his house, no, I will not not make that mistake twice.

I don’t believe in giving a man wifey duties. The men of these days are not ready, they like the idea of having a girlfriend, but they don’t really know what they want” She said.

BBNaija Announces Return Of Tacha, Mercy, Ex-Housemates, Reveals Date For Reunion

Organizers of Big Brother Naija reality show has announced the return of 2019 Pepper Dem ex-housemates

This was disclosed in a statement by the host of BBN Ebuka Obi-Uchendu’s on his Twitter page on Sunday.

Ebuka said the ex-housemates will be back on a show to run as from the first of June, 2020 on DStv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29.

“Who is ready for some #BBNaija #PepperDemReunion drama?

“Premiering on June 1 on African Magic Urban and Family on DStv and GOtv.”

Recall that BBNaija for the first time introduced the reunion show in 2019, which starred the See Gobe housemates.

Burna Boy And His Girlfriend, Stefflon Don Are Ugly People Inside Out -Dencia

Dencia has launched an attack on Burna Boy and his girlfriend, British rapper Stefflon Don. 

Taking to Twitter, the Cameroonian-born singer and beauty entrepreneur called Burna his Boy ‘one of the biggest haters in the industry’ and accused the Odogwu singer and girlfriend Stefflon Don of bullying ‘everyone.’

She wrote: ‘Burna Boy is one of the biggest haters in the industry. Like I get it, ugly people are ugly inside out but his own is disturbing, he tries to hate & bully everyone, him and his Fat Ass GF, match made in hate heaven. Like, imagine their conversations being hateful & about people.

‘What’s the point of hating on ur colleagues?Burna hates and attacks everyone but people still support him,we can’t keep encouraging tertorists and bullies.His ugly ass needs a shower,drop the dose on the Damn drugs.Moisturize, get laser on that bumpy face of his.’

Burna Boy Reportedly Arrested By Police After Noise Complains From His Neighbours

Burna Boy Reportedly Arrested By Police After Noise Complains From His Neighbours

According to the aggrieved neighbours, Burna Boy has become a nuisance in the neighbourhood.

Nigerian music star Burna Boy has reportedly been arrested by the police after neigbours complained about noises coming from his house.

A video has been circulating online which purportedly shows some of Burna Boy’s neighbours complaining about the music star.

His father is also said to have been arrested; all though Pulse has not been able to confirm any of the reports.

In the video, a supposed neighbour complains of the music star and compares him to Nigerian footballer Odion Ighalo who he says also stays in that same neighbourhood without disturbing anyone.

It is also alleged that Burna Boy has not made complete payment for the land he built his house on, and reportedly owing N100M.

Stephanie Linus Launches “Hygiene First”; A Campaign That Seeks To Put Hygiene At The Center Of Our National Culture

As people and nations around the world grapple with the new reality of Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19), Stephanie Linus is inspiring a long-term and purposeful lifestyle change among Nigerians to stimulate personal and community hygiene as a tool for preventing person-to-person transmittable diseases.

The campaign which is titled “Hygiene First – My New Habit” is an attempt to drive the conscious awakening of good hygiene habits among people and communities in Nigeria and get Nigerians to take responsibility for their personal and community hygiene.

Maintaining good health and sustaining the beauty of our city all starts with us; we all can commit to good health and cleaner cities by practicing the simple steps of deliberately identifying new habits we need to form.

Practicing good hygiene develops a person’s self-worth and self-confidence. It benefits our own health and impacts the lives of others around us. From regular hand washing, to proper waste disposal, deep cleaning of homes and public spaces such as streets, markets, schools and hospitals, this campaign is geared towards encouraging simple tips and ideas that families can integrate into their daily lives. These changes, when positive and deliberate, help in shaping our lives far more than we probably realize. 

The “Hygiene First – My New Habit” campaign is an initiative of the Extended Hands Foundation.

Hollywood Actor, John Boyega Shares Hilarious Attempts His Nigerian Father Has Made To Matchmake Him With Women

Hollywood Actor, John Boyega Shares Hilarious Attempts His Nigerian Father Has Made To Matchmake Him With Women

28-year-old Nigerian-born Hollywood actor, John Boyega has shared an interesting message he received from his father who is in search of a wife for him.

According to him, his father has been trying to matchmake him by asking what he looks out for in a girl.

”My dad randomly text me “Bamidele what is your type” this man is in Nigeria putting in the work during this Rona.” he wrote.

May 24, 2020

Meet “Okeke Favour”, A Fast Rising And Talented Actress, Model, And Video Vixen

Meet “Okeke Favour”, A Fast Rising And Talented Actress, Model, And Video Vixen

Okeke favour oluebube who was born on the 4th of may 1999 in Anambra state is the youngest of five siblings and also the last-born daughter.

She attended Abbot secondary School in ihala, and at the age of 16, she moved to cross Rivers state where she studies physics Education at the University of Calabar, she’s also a model, an actress, and a video vixen (music videos).

Finally, Jude Okoye Breaks Silence, Responds To Cynthia Morgan And May D’s Allegations

Jude Okoye has responded to the allegations made against him by Cynthia Morgan and May D.

In a live interview with Instagram influencer Tunde Ednut, Jude Okoye addressed some of the allegations made against him by the dancehall singer who accused him of shipwrecking her music career.

Her Stage Name And Social Media Accounts

Cynthia Morgan who now goes by the stage name Madrina alleged that she was not allowed to use her stage name and that she no longer had access to her social media accounts following her exit from Jude Okoye’s Northside Records.

Speaking to Tunde on the issue, Okoye denied the claim.

 “I never took that name from her. I don’t have that power.”

Okoye added the songstress still had access to her social media account two years after leaving the label.

Her Contract With Northside Records

Jude stated that the contract Cynthia Morgan had with him (Northside Records) expired in 2017 when responding to a question on if Cynthia Morgan was free.

Jude affirmed that Morgan indeed owed him over 40 million dollars.

During the course of the interview, he said that he will make the contract available to the public.


Cynthia claimed that Jude was not promoting her.

“Why are people not asking questions; how come this girl has been down this so long and not even one colleague came up to her rescue? Not rescue as in giving her money or sponsoring her. Rescue as in identifying with her.”

He said she burned all the bridges he built for her and stated Cynthia Morgan once questioned his value in her life.

“Cynthia Morgan looked me in the eye and asked me ‘what the f**k have you done for me?’”

On May D

Jude Okoye also addressed the allegations made by Akinmayokun Awodumila better known by the stage name May D. Following the allegations by Morgan, May D whose brief stint with the defunct PSqaure ended in 2012, stated that while he was with the label he was poorly treated. He claimed that he slept on a carton in the boy’s quarters which he shared with their driver.

In his reaction to the allegation, Jude said he spent over a hundred thousand dollars on May D. According to Jude, trouble began after he gave May D a contract and the singer came back after 2 weeks stating that there were no incentives in the contract.

Jude said May D had demanded a car and an apartment in Lekki despite the fact that the singer was still up-and-coming and had not done any shows.

On Psquare

Jude also chipped in on the bad blood between him and Peter. He stated that the only reason he decided to speak up on the Cynthia Morgan allegations was because Peter had involved himself.

Jude Okoye stated that the reason PSquare broke up was because Peter didn’t want his (Jude) involvement in the group. When asked if he could bring back the group together again, Jude said no and that “there is nothing humanly possible for me to do to bring Psquare back”.

This Moved From Just Business To Sheer Wickedness – OAP Dotun Reacts To Cynthia Morgan’s Claim

OAP Dotun has reacted Cynthia Morgan’s disclosure of losing all she achieved while in the limelight to Jude Okoye, due to the contract she signed with his record label.

The media personality in his tweets, accused Jude Okoye of taking the dancehall singer’s name and growth. Dotun who stated that what the music executive did moved from just business to sheer wickedness, added that a review of contract would have been better. 

Read his tweets below; On the real I don’t understand why we all don’t see how wrong these things can turn out. Cynthia Morgan was a promising artiste. This girl was literally on fire. You took her name, took her growth. Why can’t you renegotiate? This has moved from just business to sheer wickedness

I don’t think some things are right. She literally kept quiet for this long. wow!… Cynthia Morgan was a praaaaaablem! .. you had a talent like that and instead of growing it and owning it, you threw it away and decided to ruin it… for what really?

I played her joints on radio. Listen, she was a one in a million breakthrough star. I remember introducing her at the Star Trek in Benin.. oh my!..sometimes find need to be reviewed no matter ow hard. You can’t run a a label with an ego cos u will be hurt or make wrong decisions

I think reviewing a contract just makes more sense. You can hold and own her stake and let her run free. It all to your advantage. Not defending any artiste cos they can be very selfish too but mehn in this case, e don do… haba!

Netflix Star And Japanese Wrestler, Hana Kimura Dies At 22 After Facing Online Bullying

Hana Kimura, a professional Japanese wrestler who appeared in the latest series of Netflix’s reality show Terrace House, has died at the age of 22.

Stardom Wrestling, Kimura’s organisation, confirmed the news and asked fans to be respectful.

The cause of death was not immediately clear.

Shortly before she died, she issued a series of troubling social media posts implying she had been cyber-bullied.

The most recent update on her Instagram story on Friday featured a photo of her with her cat, with a caption that read “goodbye”.

A winner of Stardom’s 2019 Fighting Spirit Award, Kimura was one of the cast members of Japanese reality TV show Terrace House, before it was suspended due to coronavirus. The show follows three men and three women as they temporarily live together in a house.

Her mother was also a well-known wrestler, Kyoko Kimura.

Confirming her death on Twitter on Saturday, Stardom said: “Please be respectful and allow some time for things to process, and keep your thoughts and prayers with her family and friends.”

Concerns were raised on Friday after Kimura reportedly posted images of self-harm on Twitter along with messages that read: “I don’t want to be a human anymore. It was a life I wanted to be loved. Thank you everyone, I love you. Bye.”

Kimura is said to have been the target of hundreds of mean tweets from fans and critics on a daily basis. On news of her death, fans and industry figures spoke out against cyber-bullying and its impact on mental health.

“It absolutely breaks my heart how cruel people can be on social media,” said Impact World Champion Tessa Blanchard.

“It was an amazing honor to know Hana Kimura. She was an amazing girl with the kindest soul and immense passion and work ethic.”

“I hope this serves as a reminder that interactions on social media can have a serious effect on the mental health of anyone, no matter who they are,” wrote wrestling journalist Adam Pacitti

Cynthia Morgan’ Ex Manager Rips Her Apart, Claims She’s Owing Over $30,000 And Seeking For Pity

Cynthia Morgan’s former manager, Joy Tongo has gone on Twitter and Instagram to slam the dancehall musician after she granted an interview where she blamed Jude Okoye for her career woes.

In an Instagram Live chat with former Miss Globe Nigeria, Cassandra Ogbebor, Cynthia Morgan spoke about the record label issues she had after signing to Northside Entertainment, which was owned by P Square’s older brother, Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye (read here).

Cynthia told of how she lost her stage name “Cynthia Morgan”, her VEVO account, royalties, her Instagram account and other things due to the contract she signed with the record label.

Cynthia Morgan, who now goes by the stage name Madrina, said she can no longer uses the name Cynthia Morgan for business purposes due to the contract she signed. She added that she became depressed thereafter and suffered an illness that nearly took her life. She had to relocate to Benin to get cheaper treatment.

Her revelation made her the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter NG as users trended the hashtag #BringBackCynthiaMorgan in a bid to revive Cynthia’s career.

Peter Okoye, who had a falling out with his brother Jude, also weighed in on the matter and appeared to take Cynthia’s side (read here).

However, one person who was not on Cynthia’s side is her former boss and manager, Joy Tongo. Joy took to Twitter to accuse Cynthia of seeking sympathy with her story. She also claimed Cynthia is owing her $30,000 and owing Jude Okoye “over 40 Million”. She added that she was the one who connected Cynthia to Jude Okoye and threatened to reveal more.

She tweeted: “I am in a much better place , so this time, don’t dare me . I am ready for you. Very very ready.

“People will do anything for clout! SMH !

“Cynthia Morgan this is 2020, we haven’t forgotten all your dirt ! Internet does not lie , emails does not lie and much more . I am coming for you ! All the dirt you did to I and Jude and others you must pay this time around . It’s over 4 years and you are still talking trash!”

Why I Kept Using My Mother’s Toothbrush Even After Her Death – Nollywood Star, Yomi Fabiyi Reveals

Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi in this interview with DAMOLA KOLA-DARE speaks on why he used the same toothbrush with his late mother after passing away among other wide range of issues.

WHAT drives you as a movie producer?

My desire to entertain the audience with quality movies that add to their knowledge and give value to their time, money, emotions, etc.

Have you ever regretted being in the Yoruba Nollywood Industry?

No way, no regrets.

Actors and actresses seem to have found love engaging in personality clashes. What’s your view on this trend?

Most people tend to forget that actors and actresses are also human. However, things are meant to be done in moderation. And again, one of the pillars of the African Theatre and Film circle is the culture of respect. What will be unacceptable is to allow blatant disrespect to have a field day.

All in all, one must do so with caution especially on social media where even the least want to drag a father figure without moral restraint because of larger social media appeal or followers. It is dicey but if we return to proper drilling of every entrant whether gotten on social media or offline before testing them with fame, there will be more sanity. From social media to fame is a huge concern. By and large, some just don’t have caution, the idea of trending or thirst for more followership necessitates involvement in such, they really don’t mean most of these personalities clash to heart. Within us, we know who deserves respect.

How has COVID-19 affected you personally?

It has affected us because the nature of our job requires close contact, crowd, and stuff. And then after lockdown, to get people to trust our process so we can use their facilities can be tasking. While others are returning to work, we are having it hard to. Another is the source of funds for production. These business owners have asked me to wait until they balance their books as they are just returning to business. I don’t want to say I am now in the unemployment market but in a temporary one until it is fully clear which may be the end of the year. How do I survive from March to the end of 2020? All savings have been spent during the lockdown on self and support to the family, people around in need, and few fans.

What’s your projection for the film industry Post-COVID-19?

It is a general situation post-COVID-19. Quite obviously, Nigeria is going into a deep recession in another quick succession and it will affect every unit of the economy including the movie industry. No stimulus package for filmmakers, I just hope the consequences will be minimal. I cannot place any economic permutations. It is very bad. Each man for himself. The only instinct now is survival.

Why did you decide to use the same toothbrush as your late mum after she passed on?

The bond between a mother and child is already spiritual. The cord wasn’t for fashion. A child once depended on the breath, food, water, and blood of the mother to survive. The first sound any child hears and understands is the mother’s heartbeat. And since my mum’s sickness, I personally took her to live with me since my dad had a second wife and people were calling that my mum was not given proper care.

When the call became unbearable and my mum kept denying just to protect my dad and the younger wife, I was forced to settle the whole issue amicably by taking her to live with me. As we lived together, sometimes when she couldn’t find her brush, she used mine thinking I won’t notice. Do I throw the brush away because my mum used it? The instinct as a child who cares about his mum is to rinse and continue using. This happened a couple of times. And when I traveled, she died before I returned. The only visible thing I saw was the toothbrush. I almost threw it away but I felt if I did, It would be betrayal because she was no more. I continued using it. I have never heard about lifespan for brush, I used to dispose of when it depreciates until I saw comments after I shared my afterlife bonding with my mother.

I love my mom dearly because of a flashback of her sacrifices and motherhood, she exemplifies a small god. If I want to come to this world again, I want to come through her. If the use of the brush now has a spiritual undertone to anyone, check how they treat their mother. And they are free to kill their mother and use her toothbrush to understand the meaning. As for me, it is my way of mourning my beloved mother and I am unapologetic about it.

How Mr. P Reacted After Cynthia Morgan Revealed She Lost Everything To Jude Okoye

Peter Okoye of the defunct Psquare music Group has reminded Cynthia Morgan of how she rejected the contract he gave her, after she narrated how she “lost everything” associated with her music career to his elder brother and CEO of Northside Records, Jude Okoye.

We reported earlier that Cynthia Morgan who narrated her ordeal in an Instalive session, said she lost her stage name, Instagram account, royalty and VEVO account due to the contract she signed witth Jude Okoye.

Reacting to Cynthia’s disclosure, Peter Okoye revealed that he also decided to cut off the relationship he had with his elder brother and twin brother Paul Okoye 3 years ago, to be free. He also recalled how Cynthia Morgan rejected the contract he gave her because “they” made him look like the bad egg.

Peter encouraged the dancehall star never to give up and also to understand that God has a purpose for everything.

He tweeted: “And some people thought i was stupid when I made the right decision. My dear C Morgan! it’s never to late to be what you might have been. God will surely see you through and carry you through the storm. Keep believing
My dear C Morgan, The decision i made 3yrs ago was never about the firm,money or power! It was for my FREEDOM!

“Sad you rejected the contract i gave u. Just because they made you see me like the bad egg. I pray you understand that God has a purpose for everything. Never give up

“The Truth shall prevail. God will surely see you through C Morgan… Gnight