iBlogTV: Why Governor Asks Civil Servants To Stop Work

Why Governor Asks Civil Servants To Stop Work

Mar 25, 2020

Why Governor Asks Civil Servants To Stop Work

Governor Hope Uzodinma Of Imo State yesterday asks Imo State Civil Servants to stop coming to work.

The work restriction is not for all civil Servants, Governor Hope placed ban on only civil servant from 45 years and above.

He said that the ban is a kind of measure to prevent Covid-19 and it's spread. He added that the state government has shipped out cartons of hand sanitizers to all local government for protection against Corona Virus or Covid-19 as World Health Organization renames it.

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I think he banned Civil Servants from the age of 45 and above from coming to work because, older people gets Covid-19 faster than young people.

Of course, you won't use the immune system of the young compared to the old.

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