iBlogTV: 14 Advantages Of Corona Virus In The Whole World

14 Advantages Of Corona Virus In The Whole World

Mar 25, 2020

14 Advantages Of Corona Virus In The Whole World

I learnt in school that anything that has disadvantages must have one or more advantages as well. It is considered bad if the disadvantage is greater than the advantages.

We have been seeing the disadvantage of Corona Virus in Nigeria and the world at large. Now i want us to look into the advantage of this virus that has put the whole in fear.

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Advantages Of Corona Virus

1. It has brought back humanity.

2. Brought back people to their Creator and to their morals.

3. It has closed down bars, night clubs, brothels and casinos.

4. It brought down interest rates.

5. Brought families together.

6. It has stopped people eating dead and forbidden animals.

7. So far it has moved one third of military expenditure to health care.

8. Arab countries have banned shisha.

9. Coronavirus is pushing people to prayers.

10. It undermines dictators and their powers.

11. Humans are now worshipping God rather than progress and technology.

12. It is forcing authorities to look at its prisons and prisoners.

13. It has taught humans how to sneeze, yawn and cough.

14. Coronavirus is now making us stay at home, living simple lives.

Above all, Corona virus has persuaded us to study our scriptures at home as families, thereby taking the Church to our homes.

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We now practice home centered Christ like life as a result of Corona virus.

Corona virus has, simply put, " humbled the entire world".

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