iBlogTV: [Story] Unexpected Love - Episode 8

[Story] Unexpected Love - Episode 8

Sep 12, 2019

[Story] Unexpected Love - Episode 8

THE UNEXPECTED LOVE ....chapter eight...

Written by Edith chinasa..please like or comment before reading and note:: no part of this work should be copied or plagiarised without the permission of the writer thank you...
My nature is to love him and therefore I love,I do not pray for anything,I do not ask for anything, let him place me wherever he likes,I must love him for love sake,I cannot trade in love...
At my core,I am aware emptiness,and it is because I am empty that I am able to be filled,because I am nothing that I am capacity for everything...

True love has no object, it is a state of being....
Blessing what are you doing in the class when all the student are outside,,,, girl I just feel like to cool my head a little, today's lecture is something else,gosh that lecturer is a note writer... Okay I want to start going, I have some dirty clothes I want wash before night fall,Annabel said ....
Blessing! Blessing!!! Congratulations dear,I just envy you,Janet one of their coursemate said as she ran into the lecture hall..
This one you are congratulating me,I don't understand oooh,what is it??
Your name is out in the notice board,you made the best result Janet replied..
Which result are you talking about blessing asked confused.
I think you should go see for yourself,, the head of the five Aristotle prince Kenneth just pasted the result now,I mean the w.A.E.C result... Janet replied.
What!! Are you serious, wait am coming blessing said as she run out of the lecture hall with Annabel running after her..
Blessing made her way to the front of the notice board, is she not the girl with the best result? A student asked the guy next to her,...yes she is the one,look the passport there is her exact replica.. I heard she is on scholarship,she is really a lucky girl...and a brilliant one I guess ,another student added..blessing just  smiled all throughout...
Girlfriend I am happy for you,I told you but you never believed me,I think your name will appear on the school newspaper tomorrow. Annabel said..
I don't want the popularity dear but all the same I am grateful to God, blessing said..

Chineke nna emego kwa nwa ogbenye ezeke,every day by day I just dey celebrate ooh,eeeh every thing I do ,I just celebrate ooh,eeh I just want to say thank you Jehovah eeh,buru ekele ,buru otito,fada fada eeeh,fada fada eeeh,adikwam loyal ooh,fada fada eeh,fada fada eeh..chai I really like this music, kelvin sang along as he displays his dancing step...
This guy when will you stop disturbing someone in this house, if you want to dance why don't you go to your room,must it be in the sitting room,Christian said as he sat down..
I know I have many enemies, who are always angry whenever I am happy and you are one of them..
Thank God you know,Christian said as he took the remote..
Eheh guy,have you heard,,your girlfriend,the scholarship girl just broke the record kelvin said as he sat beside Christian.
My girlfriend?? I don't get you at all,what are you saying??
Your blessing nah,,that girl is brain herself.. Do you know she made the best result in this school W.A.E.C with 8 A's and 1 B kelvin said..
What!! Congrats to her,,but kelvin when will you stop calling that local girl my girlfriend,, she is no way my class,so get that into your head okay Christian said .
Hmmmm it has not reached to quarrelling nah.kelvin said as he stood up and left the  sitting room...
Wisdom ,Nelson and Kenneth entered the sitting room as they saw Christian operating on his phone...
Guy it seems you decided to stay indoor today, you really missed oooh ,there is this guy that wore the exact same cloth with Kenneth today, you need to see Kenneth face when he .....I even thought you have a  valid gist ,Nelson said interrupting wisdom..
Guy guess who won the best W.A.E.C student of the year?  Blessing the number one enemy of Kenneth, sometimes I begin to wonder if that girl is a witch Nelson said..
You know, I think I like that girl,she look innocent and young,wisdom said..
Don't even go there, of all the g

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