iBlogTV: [Story] Unexpected Love - Episode 7

[Story] Unexpected Love - Episode 7

Sep 12, 2019

[Story] Unexpected Love - Episode 7

Guys Christian called me yesterday and guess what??

THE UNEXPECTED LOVE... Chapter seven(7)

Written by Edith chinasa...please like before reading......
And once the storm is over,you won't remember how you made it through,how you managed to survive, you won't even be sure.whether the storm is over. But one thing is certain( when you come out of the Storm you won't be the same person who walked in) that's what the Storm is all about....


Wisdom roamed his eyes round  the airport in search of his buddies....Canada breed ,someone shouted behind him,he turned to meet his four friends standing with cards written boldly * welcome to Nigeria* oh God you guys are something else,,I really lost hope of seeing you guys at the airport, you know I thought you guys has pranked me wisdom said happily as he shakes  hand with them...Bro you look amazing, damn you are now like a Canadian .Kelvin said..forget it joor,I really missed you guys and I am back to stay for real,I mean dad can't keep pushing me around all the time,I am a grown up and I have the right to make plans for myself....see who is talking, the daddy's boy, guy forget that thing,,let's get going we have a lot to talk about Kenneth said as he started leaving the airport  followed by the guys....

Mum,dad!!! Mummy where are you?? Blessing shouted happily as she run into their apartment with an envelope... Mummy, ..blessing what is it? I am in the kitchen....mum I made it,blessing said as she made her way to the kitchen, mum take a look at this,I passed my W.A.E.C.she said as she gave the envelope to her mother..what? Ooooh God is wonderful, my daughter God will bless you..

Amen mum blessing replied.. You are a blessing to us,chai    omewo ya, Jehovah jireh emewo ya,onye na agozi anyi omewo ya..omego ya na oge ya...okwa GI na agozi kwa anti,aka GI dike di na ahu anyi ,ihe obula osoro onye iro ya mee,mmeri bu nke anyi..chimuuu idi ebube,master ebuliri nwa ogbenye elu, ewe si na ebe ana epofu ahihia Julie isi mu elu.amamamasiamasi chim oo.....

Mrs Johnson sang happily as she dances too..this one my wife is singing and dancing too,what is the good news,Mr Johnson asked as he stood at the entrance of the kitchen... Daddy good afternoon, I thought you went to the shop today... No my daughter I decided to rest today,I was sleeping but you mum's voice woke me up..what is the matter,he asked..dad I made my W.A.E.C  I went to check it today at the cyber cafe blessing said as she gave the W.A.E.C result to her father.....haaa this is the real daughter of her father,,this is wonderful,, you know what! I am promising to buy a new phone for you once you resume for your first year...thank you Father... Okay let me go and continue with my sleep,we will celebrate this later...
Girlfriend, I am so happy I was very surprised when I saw the result,blessing said happily to Annabel through the phone... I am happy for you too,who knows you might win the best student of the year ,,it is always announced when school resumes and the student is given a laptop Annabel replied.... I have not seen others result nah,so you can't be sure,I want school to resume soon,I miss you soo much...look who is talking, oya dey go,I hope you have change that your stubborn attitude remember you are returning as an undergraduate,no more wearing of school uniform ooh,hope you know??? Annabel said laughing... Did I told you I didn't know,you are indirectly calling me a village girl abi?? You said it by yourself Annabel replied laughing loudly...oya cut this call now blessing said.. It is my airtime not yours,,anyway good bye see you on Monday.. Annabel said as she cut the call...

**********    #########   *******

My daughter, you will be leaving tomorrow for school,,we are happy that finally God answered our prayer of you attending the best private university in this country with us not paying a dime,,,but I want to advise you to know the reason you are there,,, you know you are no more in secondary school,this is university we are talking about here,

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