iBlogTV: [Story] Unexpected Love - Chapter 6

[Story] Unexpected Love - Chapter 6

Sep 4, 2019

[Story] Unexpected Love - Chapter 6

I don't want to talk to you Christian said and left the sitting room...

THE UNEXPECTED LOVE... Chapter six(6)..

Written by Edith chinasa.

I can't believe we are finishing our W.A.E.C today,it is just like yesterday that I entered this school and I must confess you have made my stay in this school a memorable one ....in fact you are a God sent,blessing said to Annabel.

Yea I am grateful to God who has lead us through and you are one hell of a friend... Jeez your stubbornness and attitude are out of this world but I like it like that sha,at least you have been a blessing to me academically,Annabel replied as they were entering into the examination hall..

As they entered into the examination hall both sat at there respective seat number....good morning blessing, how was your night and how are you doing today? Harry one of their classmate asked..

As you can see,I am okay and sound,blessing replied

You are always okay and you look beautiful and gorgeous today,,what cream do you use that makes your skin this flawless and smooth, sometimes I do wonder if you are one of the fallen angels...

See,Harry I am not interested in this your joke this morning, just leave me alone,I want to revise my note before the exam starts blessing replied obviously not paying attention to Harry's presence....

You are not always interested....please after the exam,wait for me I want to escort you home or better have lunch with you,what do you think????

You already knows my response,I don't want you to escort me home and I don't want to have lunch with you,blessing replied angrily....

Okay I have heard you,it does not calls for a fight,have a nice day,Harry said disappointedly as he left to his seat..

.guys guess what wisdom called me last night and he said he is returning next week,Kenneth said to his friends as they just finished taking their dinner....

That is a good news,I miss my buddy mehn,.....

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