iBlogTV: [Story] Unexpected Love - Chapter 5

[Story] Unexpected Love - Chapter 5

Sep 4, 2019

[Story] Unexpected Love - Chapter 5

Stop stepping on my shoes and whatever I do with my life does not concerns you..

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THE UNEXPECTED LOVE... Chapter five...

Written by Edith chinasa..

I believe you two knows the reason why I summoned you here,Christian asked the two guys sitting opposite him at the bar,,no sir we were even surprised when you called us to come here ,one of the guy replied.... 

Good I want you two to clean up the mess you two created, I believe you are the ones Kenneth used to perfect his evil plan.. Sir we don't get you at all.you are just getting us confused..I want that video to be removed before today runs out Christian said...what !!!! 

Sir we are sorry but I don't think we can help you...two hundred thousand Christian said..but sir what do you have with the girl in question... Three hundred thousand,are you in or not...sir okay we are in..that is a deal then Christian asked...deal both guys chorused as they stand and left the bar...

Kelvin rushed inside the gym room with his phone....hehehe eeeh guys are you seeing what am seeing, this is the first time Kenneth is doing something good for once in his life,my guy am proud of you,keep the good work going...

what are you talking about?? I don't get you at all Kenneth said confused...you don't have to keep pretending nah,the video is all over the school,so stop playing ignorant of the whole thing kelvin replied... What the hell are you talking about and what video??? Kenneth asked angrily... You mean you are not the one that ordered for the removal of the trending video from every website?? Guy fear God nah..

I even saw you at the school cable where you declared the video a mistake and was released due to a little misunderstanding between you and the girl..if you say you are not responsible for it then who is??? Kelvin asked..I don't have a hand in this,,what is going on..who is responsible for this..

I don't know who is trying to play a fast game on me but I must get to the root if this Kenneth said as he started dialing a number on his phone...I don't care if you are responsible for this or not but whosoever responsible for this is really a God sent kelvin said as he left the gym room....

I wonder who this unknown girl that has been making our life uncomfortable this past weeks is ..Nelson chipped in..how can you know her since you prefer your indoor and quiet life style Christian said and left the room too....

Girl friend, I can believe it,you are free now, woow God really touched Kenneth in a mysterious way,Annabel said...yea I am free indeed,I just thank God sha if not 

I don't know what my condition could have been now, obviously I could have been the latest porn star......

yea this should serve as a lesson to you,never you interfere in anything that does not concerns you,always mind your business and the greatest of all do not challenge Kenneth again...yea I know "" the fear of Kenneth is the beginning of .....wisdom"" both chorused as they laughed hard... 

I can't believe, you betrayed our friendship, you just broke the brotherhood code,,do you know you just stabbed me in the back?? Kenneth said as he bagged into their apartment.. What are you talking about Christian asked..

stop asking me that question when you already know what you did,I suspected you but I wanted to be sure of it...I can't believe this,I thought you are my best friend... 

Yes an your best friend and I just helped you clear up the mess you did that's all Christian answered... I can't believe this Kenneth said as he left the room..... 

Wooooow bravo guy tell me I hope you are not falling for this blessing girl Nelson asked laughing... I won't talk to you Christian said and left the sitting room...

For more understanding.
Kenneth is the son of the president of Aristotle empire.

Christian is Kenneth best friend.

Kelvin is the funniest of all and Kenneth friend..

Nelson is also Kenneth friend ,the quiet of all..

Wisdom is also Kenneth friend who left for the u.s and will be back soon

Blessing is a poor girl who was given admission to study at Aristotle empire.

Annabel is blessing best and only friend

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