iBlogTV: [Story] Unexpected Love - Chapter 4

[Story] Unexpected Love - Chapter 4

Aug 27, 2019

[Story] Unexpected Love - Chapter 4

Unexpected Love Written By Edith Chinasa, Read The Chapter 4 Below Next Chapter Will Be Posted On Saturday Stay Tuned!!!

Unexpected Love
Read Previous Chapter you better put a stop to this mess before it goes viral, remember kama is real,Christian said..

bringing to you the unexpected love..chapter 4..written by Edith chinasa..

Do you have to preach to him,seriously?? it is his cross mehn,so let him carry it alone and bear the consequence kelvin replied..

there was a knock on the door,the door opened and a servant came in," sir there is a young outside, she has been banging at the gate since five minutes now and she is crying seriously.. sir she I let her in???
Don't this crying girl has any name?? Christian asked. Sir she said her name is blessing, a student of this school and from her mood it seems she has an important message.Blessing?? the brave girl, go and bring her in Kenneth said as he went upstairs...

Good evening seniors, blessing greeted once she entered, her face swollen from excess crying,yea sit down so how can we help you and why is your face like this?? kelvin asked..sir am looking for young master Kenneth, I want to talk to him,,,okay,so is there any problem?why are you looking for him kelvin asked further....it is obvious the great brave girl is here to beg the coward ,Kenneth interfered while coming down from the stair with a cup of brandy..

sir please forgive me for my immature character towards you,please I don't want to be a dropout, I am just a poor girl who is struggling for life,,Sir my future on this scholarship,, if I got expelled I am ruined....wait you brat how does all this stories of yours concerns me,who cares if you got expelled or not,,I just want you to leave here this instant Kenneth said rudely as he picked his car key from the table and stands to leave,blessing ran to him holding him on his leg as she kneels down,,sir please I beg you,please forgive me,,how dare you touch me with your filthy hands,are you out of your mind?? ..no sir I am....I said don't touch me!!!!!Kenneth said as he angrily took the glass of wine and poured on her. I hope you understand this language, he said and left....blessing cried but all tears was in vain..""am afraid you have to leave now,just hold yourself together, crying won't help the matter because you are in a deep mess but I promise you I will talk to him once he calms down Christian said as he helped blessing stood to her feet...okay sir ,I will appreciate that, my God will bless you..no problem you have to start going now..okay blessing said as she starts leaving..

You mean he poured his drink on you??my God I never knew this guy is this mean??Annabel said..I begged him,I cried to him,I even knelt down for him but he was adamant.. ooh God what have I done?? am finished.. what if my parents sees this video??how will I explain to them that is just a frame up...
girl I told you at the initial time that challenging Kenneth is just like challenging devil itself but you thought am joking, now you see where your stubbornness had landed you..Annabel said..this is not time for blames, I need a means to get out of this problem,I am doomed for life,I can't even enter the class to learn,the shame is too much,I am tired,I am tired!! I am tired!!!!. Annabel do you know I feel like taking my life.this is too much for me...blessing justhold yourself together I believe there is a way out of this situation,, every problem has a solution right???blessing nods her head as she placed her head on Annabel shoulder....

Kenneth I must tell you the naked truth here,which is that you are selfish and self centered..how can you even have the mind of doing such a harmful thing to that poor girl... do you know what they said " only weak guys exercise their power against women,Kenneth you are a weak guy,seriously I am disappointed,Christian said..are you done?? if you are done,can I have my dinner in peace??..Kenneth it is obvious you ve made up your mind not to clear up this mess,my God how did you even come up with such a dangerous plan but don't worry I will see to it,I will clear up this whole drama myself....don't you dare?? stop stepping on my shoes and whatever I do with my life.

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