iBlogTV: [Story] Unexpected Love - Chapter 3

[Story] Unexpected Love - Chapter 3

Aug 24, 2019

[Story] Unexpected Love - Chapter 3


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written by Edith chinasa..
there was commotion at every angle of the school, students were seen watching videos at every angle of the school cables,some with their phone suddenly blessing walked into her classroom to meet the gazing eyes of her classmates, what is she still doing here,that girl has no shame,one of her classmate said ..on sighting blessing,Annabel ran to her, girlfriend what have you done??your video is all round the school,I just pray it doesn't reach the management or else that is direct expulsion..
what are you saying, 

I don't get you, which video are you talking about,blessing asked confused.. you mean you Haven't seen the video that is almost viral?? your video, yes your video blessing, a video of you having sex with an unknown man in the classroom after lecture,clothes with condom was littered in the classroom this morning, it is obvious and seems real,explained Annabel. what!!!I can't do such,I am innocent,,
Annabel trust me someone is trying to frame me,I didn't do it,I followed you home yesterday after lecture right? please believe me I am innocent... I believe you girlfriend, I think we should leave here now,but y will Someone think of doing such a harmful thing to you,the video is almost everywhere,girlfriend am sorry but I think there is no way out of this mess.. ..

At the roof top,blessing was crying bitterly while Annabel was consoling her,girlfriend is there anyone you have offended in the past,like an ex Annabel asked. no I haven't, am just a poor girl who stays on my own,I have no ex or any man in my life ,so am surprise how the sex of a thing came about, blessing reply..wait girlfriend, I hope is not what am thinking, you challenged Kenneth the other day,he might be the one responsible for this Annabel said..but how can he think of doing such a wicked act blessing asked. 

girlfriend is obvious you don't post know this Kenneth, he us dangerous and can do anything to harm anyone,,yes he is responsible for this,no one can do this except him but what are we going to Do to stop him,nothing he is powerful and wicked too, I think the only option now is to go and beg him ,

Annabel suggested. beg him? why? but I did nothing wrong to him? I rather die than beg that coward who only derive joy by hurting others intact show me his lodge am going to speak to him now blessing said angrily.. wait girlfriend, it seems you don't know this Kenneth very well,your future is on the line,you are about to loose your scholarship, go and apologize to him and leave the case for God.

please girlfriend going to fight with him won't change anything but will only increase your punishment Annabel begged...but I dgd nothing wrong to him,what am I begging for,beg him to forgive me because I told him  the truth?? no I won't do that..she said as she ran down the roof top...
At the resident of Kenneth,Kenneth was dancing to the music emitting from the sound system....boy I can see you are really happy today,so tell me what is the occasion? Christian asked.are you saying I can't be happy again without any reason Kenneth replied.. did I said so? everyone knows you are always happy especially when one of your evil plans pushes through, who is the victim this time?? Christian pressed further. hmmmmmm think whatever you.....

Kenneth how can you be this wicked?? I didn't expect you to stoop this low?? where are your conscience?? kelvin who was coming inside interrupted... what do you mean? can't I have my peace of mind again? why is everyone badmouthing me?
Kenneth said still dancing.. kelvin what is it? Christian asked..

just check this out,watch this video kelvin said as he fave his phone to Christian.. wait Kenneth, don't tell me you are responsible for this, haba this is not fair, you have ruined this girl image ,,you better put a stop to this,find a way to clear this mess before it goes viral,remember kama is real,Christian said....
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