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[Story] Unexpected Love - Chapter 2

Aug 20, 2019

[Story] Unexpected Love - Chapter 2

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 arrrrrrgh the new girl collided with a passerby.oooh am sorry I was carried away by my thoughts said the new girl,you don't have to worry,it seems you are new here,what level are you? said the passerby,am new here and I am in ss3 badge B the new girl answered,wow my name is Annabel and also in ss3 badge B nice to meet you.I am blessing, you seems nice can we be friends blessing asked,ofcourse yes,come let's go to the class answered Annabel.

 Noise can be heard at the prep hall ,it is obvious that it is free period, why are people shouting that much asked blessing. I think the young Prince is passing Annabel answered.he is the son of the president of this school,the dream of all girls,if you are a student of this school you ought to know him because he is like a household name in this school Annabel explained to her,hmmmmm this is amazing as if he is a god blessing exclaimed..

 blessing and friend left the arena to the cafeteria for their lunch ,the food was bought by Annabel suddenly their was a scream,blessing turned to meet the shock of her life,a young boy of about twenty years was baptizing a girl with a bottle of red wine,what exactly is this guy doing to that girl?and why are people not saying anything, blessing thought to herself. she left her seat to meet the guy .hey what do you think you are doing, why are you maltreating this girl like this,the boy looked up at blessing quietly and left,hey stop there I asked a question you bitch.you got moral you know,I can just strangle you now and no one will question me,do you know whom I am?I own this school, I do whatever I like, I am the great Kenneth, so you WHO ARE YOU???

 I am the army of the weak ,the one who has nothing but still lives happily more than the rich,I don't care if you are president of the whole world but you are not the giver of life,queried blessing. it seems you are the heroine, wow what a brave girl but let's see where your braveness will lead you to,Kenneth said and left...

 At the resident of Kenneth sat four of his friends and coursemate.they are mainly children from rich politicians so they are known as the five Aristotle prince.it seems Kenneth was explaining his encounter with the strange girl to them.
mehn I can see love in the air kelvin one of the guys said.I mean I really need to see this girl who stood up to the great Kenneth. before he could finish Kenneth has already left the room with rage . can you see that, I hope he is not planning something evil, I just pity the poor girl sha said Christian the closest friend to Kenneth.

Kenneth could be coming down the stairs with a cup of wine.I gonna show that girl something she've not seen before, I will make life miserable for her as long as she stays in this school Kenneth said as he sat down....

in a room showed the view of three guys, I want you guys to do a perfect job for me,I will pay whatever amount you require just make it look so real,her name is blessing Johnson,a newly admitted, she us in ss3 badge B,you have to post this at every website with her picture, every school blog and also be shown at the school cable, I need her to be disgraced until she cannot shown her face to the world .but sir why are you doing this?the girl in this picture looks innocent, the other guy asked.man do your job and don't question me ,the guy said and stand up to leave..outside the building disclosed the guy to be Kenneth, I think the game just begins ,let's see who wins .he said and he laughs wickedly...hahahahahahaha I AM KENNETH ARISTOTLE. he shouts

written by edithchinasa...like my page @ edithchinasa stories..

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