iBlogTV: [Story] Unexpected Love - Chapter 1

[Story] Unexpected Love - Chapter 1

Aug 17, 2019

[Story] Unexpected Love - Chapter 1

This is news at seven(7).a young girl of about seven
teen years has been given an award as a heroine by the madam president of the Aristotle empire.according to the information from the press,the young girl who was said to be in ss3 saved a man from falling down a cliff today...information reaching us states that the only son of the great madam president was responsible for the planned death of the saved man and in order to shut the interference of the press and social news spreaders ,the madam president has granted a scholarship to the heroine from secondary to tertiary level at the great Aristotle empire high school .this is the end of the news for seven....

honey can you hear that ? God has really answered our prayer ,oh my God!! I can't believe this,our daughter has really made us proud, my daughter going to Aristotle empire? a poor person like me;the voice of Mrs Johnson could be heard chattering happily to her husband. this God is a wonder working God said the husband.as the celebration was going on a knock was heard at the door interrupting their conversation. honey check who is knocking Mr Johnson said to his wife....

 A young man at his late forties was standing on the door with a briefcase. I believe this is the house of Mr and Mrs Johnson the parents of the great heroine the man asked humbly.you are at the right place,come inside said Mrs Johnson.I am sent by the great president of Aristotle empire to inform you of the scholarship of your daughter ,her bills,accommodation and text books has been taken care of and she just has to resume next week,Mr Sean the messenger said I am only but a messenger and I have delivered the message which my master sent me.the messenger stands to leave.we really appreciate your visit sir and tell the madam president that we will forever be grateful to her said Mr and Mrs john..

  It is a beautiful morning at the family of Mr and Mrs Johnson, the setting reveals a young beautiful girl stitching a piece of cloth ,Mrs Johnson can be seen coming out from the kitchen..mummy why do you have to accept that offer,I only helped a dying man ,don't you think the madam president is only trying to bribe us through this scholarship besides mum am not going to that school because I don't belong there,it it is a school for the rich and high class people and am not one of them,blessing said to her mother who only hissed and passed her. Am not going to that school that's all I know,blessing continued, will you shut up young girl,what do you know ?? this is an opportunity for you to see the bright world or do you want to remain poor forever,go there and meet with people from higher background, who knows you might bring home a rich suitor one day,the mother interrupted her,young lady you are leaving for school tomorrow and that is final,the mother concluded...

the environment seems busy and everyone was rushing for lecture. a girl could be seen with a school map looking around the school like a lost puppy.Excuse me dear,please can you show me the way to the swimming pool? the girl asked a passerby,why would someone be looking for the swimming pool this early morning instead of going for lecture besides you are with the school map look for the direction through it,the passerby said as he hurriedly left..
This school looks big so much,oh my God what am I even doing here,everyone seems as if they are too big yo talk to me,why are they looking at me that way?are my clothes not well ironed like theirs,, arrrrrrrgh the new girl collided with a passerby.. ohh am sorry I was carried away by my thoughts said the new girl......guess who she collided with??

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