iBlogTV: [Story] Revenge For Revenge - Episode 3

[Story] Revenge For Revenge - Episode 3

Aug 28, 2019

[Story] Revenge For Revenge - Episode 3


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    REVENGE FOR REVENGE...chapter three(3)
Of course yes,you are beautiful, so what happened, why were you crying? Asked success. Because you said am ugly ugochi replied displaying her puppy eye.what!!!
This girl won't kill me ,I thought something bad happened, don't cry again okay ,you are the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world,he looked around and asked I have not seen mum and dad since I came back,where are they?they went to chief ibekwe's house to borrow money answered ugochi.

To borrow money?I have told mum and dad to stop borrowing money from that wicked man,remember how we sold our only land to pay him back the last time said success.
But we have no other choice,we need the money for your common entrance examination ugochi defended,your food is in the kitchen,your favourite porridge plantain, mum said you should fill the cans with water after eating.. Okay my beautiful sister, my stomach really need food now success said as he ran inside.

I don't want any explanation from you,all I need is my money,do you think I run a charity organisation? I am a businessman and I do my business with money so I don't want any explanation but my money ,chief ibekwe kept ranting.

Please I don't have the money now but I promise you by the end of this week,I will pay you back the money,Mr john begged.Mr man I think you still don't understand my language I said I am not leaving here without my money you poverty stricken man.please Mr ibekwe ,just hear my husband out,we don't have the money now,if we do,we will not hesitate to give you back your money.

Mrs John said almost kneeling down.look woman poverty is a disease and I am not interested in experiencing this curse and disease with you,so pay me back my money let me leave here or did I do something bad by lending you my money? Chief ibekwe asked raising His voice to an extent passerby are now staring at them..

Chief ibekwe raised his voice to an extent passerby are now staring at them,some shakes their head and pass while some stands to see the outcome . success and ugochi came back to meet their parents been embarrassed publicly ,the look on success face could be tagged as " I told you".

     Since you two don't have my money,I have another alternative to get my  money back that is your wife will work as a maid in my mansion are you in or out?chief ibekwe asked..sir it has not reached to ........am in Mrs john interrupted her husband.what are you saying?do you know what you are getting into? Mr john said surprised at his wife decision....
After eating make sure you close the door before going to school and keep  The key at its usual spot, and also remember to comb your sister hair so that it does not look bushy,you too dress well and smart ,you are now in secondary school not the primary school success you were before,Mrs John said to success as she is dressed to go for her maid job at Mr ibekwe's house.. Okay mum, I will do as you said ,success replied..

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