iBlogTV: [Story] Revenge For Revenge - Episode 2

[Story] Revenge For Revenge - Episode 2

Aug 28, 2019

[Story] Revenge For Revenge - Episode 2

I was surprised when you raised your hand to answer the question, uche said, so tell me what is the secret??

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******REVENGE FOR REVENGE*******"""
           CHAPTER TWO.
I want to be like you,what magic do you always use? This lead to a great laughter from success "I don't use magic,I use my time to do useful things, I do the right things at the right time". I still don't get you,why are you speaking in parables,queried uche.I am not speaking in parables, I am only saying I use my free time to read ahead the teacher,tell me can you do that?

Success asked.but it is always said that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy ,ikem said, and it is also said that all play and no work makes jack a dullard ,success defended. He is always right,who am I to argue with the great professor, hahahaha ikem do you have any objection about what success said?No sir,all case closed I think is time to go in,I just heard the entry bell ,time for English class boys said ikem..

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Success entered their compound and sees his only sister busy Washing plates,his face ignited with joy as he watches her sings beautifully amidst Washingc,she sings loudly oblivious of anybody presence. My wife has a nice voice success said thereby making his presence to be noticed, ugochi looked at him hissed and continued her song.so you are not happy to see your only brother eeeh ugochi ,

I won't be happy until the day  you stop Calling me your wife ,I can't marry an ugly boy like you,ugochi said as she sticked out her tongue at success. You are not happy that I called you my wife eeeh fine boy like me,do you know that you are the most ugly girl I have ever seen said success, are you sure?success am I ugly?

Yes you are very ugly success answered .ugochi kept the plate she was washing and started crying she cried loudly and started rolling on the ground, success was surprised and also afraid at the same time,ugochi what is it?o gini??did anything happened??

He asked with concern,ugochi kept crying as her voice went loud,all effort by success to console her was in vain,my beautiful and adorable sister what is it??success asked again,ugochi stopped crying and looked at success, you called me your beautiful sister does it means that I am beautiful?

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