iBlogTV: Must Read: I Am His Slave

Must Read: I Am His Slave

Aug 27, 2019

Must Read: I Am His Slave


Somebody help me!help me!! Help me!!..I shouted with great zeal wishing for a miracle to happen,may be life after all is not a bed of roses.. I cried bitterly as he beat me with great fervor,, the world was no longer an oval shape but now ticking, tick tock, death seems too far but the pain is too much,I am dying but die; a far phenomenon??? 

He flogged me with his belt ,no I am not feeling the pains as expected that he thought,he kicked with great enthusiasm, he slapped, kicked and flogged, no it can't be endured any more..I shouted"a shout for help"" mama nkechi came knocking, what is happening open this door,she shouts..I was rescued by mama nkechi and other neighbors..

This is terrible, you have to file a case against him,he is a devil,,mama nkechi advised.

No I can't, he is my husband and I love him so much,I can't file a case against him,I replied..

This has been going on for a while now,he beats me whenever he feels like but I can't do anything about it..he is my husband, he is the father of my children..


Many married women are facing this challenge but have been covering it up...

Many married woman are now slaves in marriage..

Dear mum??
Enough is enough, you are not a slave, you are not a beating drum,you are priceless, stand up for your right... Do what is needful now to avoid stories that touches the heart..hope you understand....

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